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Photographs by Thomas Boivin.
Stanley/Barker, London, 2022.   Cat# ZK071    ISBN-13: 978-1913288396
Cue the Sun.
Photographs by Trent Parke.
Stanley/Barker, London, 2022.   Cat# ZK106   

Family Photographs.
Photographs by Joan Albert.
Stanley/Barker, London, 2022.   Cat# ZK112    ISBN-13: 978-1913288389
STANLEY/BARKER, London, 2022.   Cat# ZK116    ISBN-13: 978-1913288464
Northern Diary.
Photographs by Robbie Lawrence.
Stanley/Barker, 2022.   Cat# ZK062    ISBN-13: 978-1913288440
Photographs by Christopher Anderson.
STANLEY/BARKER, London, 2021.   Cat# ZJ820   
Summer After.
Photographs by Lucas Foglia.
STANLEY/BARKER, 2021.   Cat# ZJ823    ISBN-13: 978-1913288266
Photographs by Judith Black.
STANLEY/BARKER, 2021.   Cat# ZJ791    ISBN-13: 978-1913288280
Headed West.
Photographs by Paul McDonough.
STANLEY/BARKER, 2021.   Cat# ZJ748    ISBN-13: 978-1913288235
At Home.
Photographs by Susan Kandel.
STANLEY/BARKER, 2021.   Cat# ZJ718    ISBN-13: 978-1913288228
Photographs by Jim Goldberg.
STANLEY/BARKER, London, 2020.   Cat# ZJ469   
Sic Transit.
Photographs by Bill Henson.
STANLEY/BARKER, 2020.   Cat# ZJ650    ISBN-13: 978-1913288174

At Night Gardens Grow.
Photographs by Paul Guilmoth.
STANLEY/BARKER, 2021.   Cat# ZJ847    ISBN-13: 978-1913288358

Four Winters.
Photographs by Jem Southam.
STANLEY/BARKER, 2021.   Cat# ZJ842   
London "82.
Photographs by Sunil Gupta.
STANLEY/BARKER, 2021.   Cat# ZJ845   
Rivers & Towns.
Photographs by Mark Steinmetz.
STANLEY/BARKER, 2021.   Cat# ZJ843   
Streets of Boston.
Photographs by Mike Smith.
STANLEY/BARKER, 2021.   Cat# ZJ844   
The Golden City.
Photographs by Mimi Plumb.
STANLEY/BARKER, 2021.   Cat# ZJ903   
Town of C.
Photographs by Richard Rothman.
STANLEY/BARKER, 2021.   Cat# ZJ841   

Photographs by Massimo Leardini.
STANLEY/BARKER, 2020.   Cat# ZJ591    ISBN-13: 978-1913288112

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