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America Recovered.
Photographs by Chad Ress. Essays by Jordan H. Carver and Miriam Paeslack.
Actar, Barcelona, 2020.   Cat# ZJ210    ISBN-13: 978-1945150937
A Generous Medium.
Edit by Lisa Fischman.
Actar, 2012.   Cat# ZF372    ISBN-13: 978-0985824907

Agustí Centelles. The Concentration Camp at Bram, 1939.
Photographs by Agustí Centelles.
ACTAR, Arts Santa Monica, 2011.   Cat# ZE499    ISBN-13: 978-8492861088

Antarctica. Time of Change.
Photographs by Mireyaó Masó.
ACTAR, 2011.   Cat# ZE498    ISBN-13: 978-8492861262

Photographs by Jordi Bernadó. Edited by Rafael Doctor.
ACTAR, 2011.   Cat# ZE495    ISBN-13: 978-8492861521

La Rambla In/Out Barcelona.
Photographs by Jordi Bernadó and Massimo Vitali.
ACTAR, Arts Santa Monica, 2011.   Cat# ZE496    ISBN-13: 978-8496954229

Libro De Las Maravillas.
Photogarphs by Joan Fontcuberta.
ACTAR, 2011.   Cat# ZE497    ISBN-13: 978-8496954816

Photographs by Polly Borland.
ACTAR, 2011.   Cat# ZE469    ISBN-13: 978-8492861590

Welcome to Espaiñ.
Photographs by Jordi Bernardo.
ACTAR, 2009.   Cat# ZD860    ISBN-13: 978-8496954168

Photographs by Miguel Trillo.
ACTAR, 2009.   Cat# ZD859    ISBN-13: 978-8496540743

In the Chinese City. Perspectives on the Transmutations of an Empire.
Edited by Frédéric Edelmann.
ACTAR, 2008.   Cat# ZD456    ISBN-13: 978-8496954496

100% Favela.
Photographs by Daniela Fabricius.
ACTAR, 2008.   Cat# ZD457    ISBN-13: 978-8496540699

Bastard. Choose my Identity.
Edited by Christian Ernst, André Rösler, Lars Harmsen and Ulrich Weiss.
ACTAR, 2008.   Cat# ZD449    ISBN-10: 8496540154

Benicassim. El Festival.
Photography by Carmela Garcia, Cristina Garc a Rodero, Immo Klink, Angel Marcos, lvaro Villarrubia and Massimo Vitali, Nacho Santos Cidras ed.
ACTAR, Musac, 2008.   Cat# ZD444    ISBN-13: 978-8496954274

Deconstructing Osama. The truth about the case of Manbaa Mokfhi.
A project by Joan Fontcuberta.
Actar, Barcelona, 2008.   Cat# ZD330    ISBN-13: 978-8496540903

It Is Difficult. Ten Years.
Photographs by Alfredo Jaar. With contributions from Patricia C. Phillips and Rick Pirro.
Actar, Barcelona, 2008.   Cat# ZD341    ISBN-10: 8489698457

Jorge R Pombo.
Photographs by Jorge R. Pombo.
ACTAR, 2008.   Cat# ZD472    ISBN-13: 978-8496954298

Let There Be Light.. The Rwanda Project 1994 -1998
Photographs by Alfredo Jaar. With Contributions by David Levi Strauss, Vicenç Altaió and Ben Okri.
Actar, Barcelona, 2008.   Cat# ZD340    ISBN-10: 8489698449

Studies on Happiness.
Photographs by Alfredo Jaar.
ACTAR, 2008.   Cat# ZD460    ISBN-10: 8495273020

The Musac Collection. Volume I.
Edited by Rafael Doctor Roncero.
ACTAR, 2008.   Cat# ZD459    ISBN-13: 978-8493232559

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