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Photographs by Vincen Beeckman. Text by Colin Pantall, and design by Lien Van Lemput. Made in collaboration withOpStap.
Art Paper Editions, Ghent, 2022.   Cat# CE059    ISBN-13: 978-9493146884
Hidden Istanbul.
Photographs by Françoise Caraco.
Art Paper Editions, Ghent, 2022.   Cat# CE060    ISBN-13: 978-9493146716
Photographs by Vincent Ferrané.
Art Paper Editions, Ghent, 2022.   Cat# CE068    ISBN-13: 978-9493146945
Photographs by Joe Lai.
Art Paper Editions, Ghent, 2022.   Cat# CE069    ISBN-13: 978-9493146839
Cabin Fever.
Photographs by Katie Burnett.
Art Paper Editions, 2021.   Cat# CE025    ISBN-13: 978-9493146648

Object-Oriented Identity. Cultural Belongings from our Recent Past.
Text by Zsofia Kollar.
Art Paper Editions, 2021.   Cat# CE046    ISBN-13: 978-9493146891
Photos by Rita Lino. Text by Brad Feuerhelm.
Art Paper Editions, Gent, 2021.   Cat# CE042    ISBN-13: 978-9493146792
Sandcastles and Rubbish.
Photos by Sybren Vanoverberghe. Text by Luk Lambrecht.
Art Paper Editions, Gent, 2021.   Cat# CE041    ISBN-13: 978-9493146778
Universal Tongue.
Photographs by Anouk Kruithof.
Art Paper Editions, 2021.   Cat# CE027    ISBN-13: 978-9493146686
tempête après tempête.
Photos by Rebekka Deubner.
Art Paper Editions, Gent, 2021.   Cat# CE045    ISBN-13: 978-9493146730
Flower Smuggler.
Photographs by Diana Tamane.
Art Paper Editions, 2020.   Cat# CE010    ISBN-13: 978-9493146143
Frido Troost. An Educational Archive of 3000 Slides.
Photographs by Frido Troost. Text by David Campany. Design by Floor Komen.
Art Paper Editions, 2020.   Cat# ZJ230    ISBN-13: 978-9493146396

How To Do The Flowers.
Photographs by Ruth Van Beek.
Art Paper Editions/Dashwood, 2020.   Cat# IB931    ISBN-13: 978-9490800871
Photographs by Edouard Jacquinet.
Art Paper Editions, 2020.   Cat# CE018    ISBN-13: 978-9493146532
Ravedeath Convention.
Photographs by Jan Philipzen.
Art Paper Editions, 2020.   Cat# ZJ646   
The Rumour.
Photographs by Paul Kooiker.
Art Paper Editions, Ghent, 2020.   Cat# ZJ320   

Photographs by Jurgen Maelfeyt.
Art Paper Editions, 2019.   Cat# ZJ205    ISBN-13: 978-9493146129
Terra Nullius.
Photographs by Morten Barker.
Art Paper Editions, 2019.   Cat# IB895    ISBN-13: 978-9490800901
Eggs and Rarities.
Photographs by Paul Kooiker.
Art Paper Editions & Dashwood Books, Gent & New York, 2018.   Cat# IB875    ISBN-13: 978-9490800918

Yuka & The Forest.
Photographs and text by Lena C Emery.
Art Paper Editions, Gent, 2018.   Cat# ZH639   

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