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Between Earth and Sky.
Photographs by Beth Moon.
Charta, 2013.   Cat# DS177    ISBN-13: 978-8881588749

Next Stop: Italy.
Edited by Renato Miracco. Text by Verna Curtis, Luca Panaro.
Charta, 2013.   Cat# DS212    ISBN-13: 978-8881588626

Second Nature.
Photographs by Sarah Malakoff.
Charta, 2013.   Cat# DS217    ISBN-13: 978-8881588619

Photographs by Sharon Lee Hart.
Charta, 2012.   Cat# DS021    ISBN-13: 978-8881588459

Sarah Hobbs. Small Problems in Living.
Photographs by Sarah Hobbs. Text by Winifred Gallagher. Foreword by Lisa Kurzner.
Charta, 2012.   Cat# DQ941    ISBN-13: 978-8881588312

Peripheral Visions. Italian Photography in Context, 1950s-Present.
Edited by Maria Antonella Pelizzari. Text by Louis Chan, Christina Clemente, Erik Dalzen, Sara K. Davidson, David Louis Fierman, et al.
Charta/Hunter, 2012.   Cat# DQ946    ISBN-13: 978-8881588374
Within Shadows.
Photographs by Susan Burnstine.
Charta Editions, 2011.   Cat# DQ767    ISBN-13: 978-8881588114

Between Planting and Picking.
Photographs by Sandi Haber Fifield. Texts by Leslie K. Brown and Dominique Browning.
Charta, 2011.   Cat# DQ659    ISBN-10: 9788881587

Photographs by Bruce Haley. Introduction by Clint Eastwood, Dina Eastwood. Text by Andrei Codrescu, Bruce Haley, Taj Forer.
Charta/Daylight, 2011.   Cat# DQ731    ISBN-13: 978-8881587902

Beirut Nocturne.
Photographs by Giulio Rimondi. Text by Ferdinando Scianna, Renato Miracco. Poetry by Christian Ghazi.
Charta, 2011.   Cat# DQ732    ISBN-13: 978-8881587896

Paradise Road.
Photographs by Brain Sweeney. Text by Stuart McKenzie.
Charta, 2010.   Cat# DQ475    ISBN-13: 978-8881587612

In the Shadow of Power.
Photographs by Kike Arnal. Foreword by Fred Ritchin. Introduction by Ralph Nader.
Charta, 2010.   Cat# DQ454    ISBN-13: 978-8881587605

Left in the Dark. Portraits of San Francisco Movie Theatres.
Photographs by R.A. McBride and Julie Lindow.
Charta, 2010.   Cat# DQ569    ISBN-13: 978-8881587803

Heads and Tales. Twenty-Seven Stories and Twenty-Seven Portraits.
Sculpture by Heide Hatry. Introduction by Catharine A. MacKinnon. Writing by 27 female authors.
Charta, 2009.   Cat# DQ246    ISBN-13: 978-8881587063

Imagine Cuba 1999-2007.
Photographs by Sandro Miller. Text by Ignacio Gutiérrez, Sandro Miller.
Charta, 2009.   Cat# DQ207    ISBN-13: 978-8881586929

Walking Through the World.
Photographs by Sandi Haber Fifield. Text by Arthur Ollman, Tom O'Connor.
Charta, 2009.   Cat# DQ208    ISBN-13: 978-8881587070

Daylight Noir. Raymond Chandler’s Imagined City.
Photographs by Catherine Corman. Introduction by Catherine Corman. Preface by Jonathan Lethem. Text by Raymond Chandler.
Charta, 2009.   Cat# DQ334    ISBN-13: 978-8881587247

Daylight Noir. Raymond Chandler's Imagined City.
Photographs by Catherine Corman.
Charta, 2009.   Cat# DQ341    ISBN-13: 978-8881587247

Merce Cunningham.
Text by Germano Celant, David Vaughan, et al.
Charta, 2009.   Cat# DQ380    ISBN-13: 978-8881582587

Street Portraits.
Photographs by Michael Itkoff.
Charta, Milan, 2009.   Cat# DQ129    ISBN-13: 978-8881586905

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