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Photographs by Raffael Waldner.
JRP|Ringier, Zurich, 2017.   Cat# DS872    ISBN-13: 978-3037644867
Picture Industry. A Provisional History of the Technical Image (1844–2017).
Text by Ariella Azoulay and Giorgio Agamben and Roland Barthes. Edited by Walead Beshty.
JRP|Ringier, 2017.   Cat# DT033    ISBN-13: 978-3037645024
Walead Beshty: Industrial Portraits. Volume One, 2008-2012.
Photographs by Walead Beshty. Text by Hans Ulrich Obrist.
JRP-Ringier, Zurich, 2017.   Cat# DS850    ISBN-13: 978-3037644850
The Album.
Photographs and art by Xanti Schawinsky. Edited by Daniel Schawinsky and Lionel Bovier.
Jrp Ringier, 2016.   Cat# DS605    ISBN-13: 978-3037644515
Unassisted Readymade.
Photographs by John Stezaker. Text by David Campany. Edited by Jürg Trösch, Lionel Bovier, and Markus Bosshard.
JRP | Ringier, Zürich, 2016.   Cat# DS652    ISBN-13: 978-3037644492
Erik Steinbrecher. HITS.
Photographs by Erik Steinbrecher. Text by Hans Rudolf Reust. Editor by Jürg Trösch and Markus Bosshard.
JRP|Ringier, 2015.   Cat# DS451    ISBN-13: 978-3037643945
Imponderable: The Archives of Tony Oursler. An archive of phantasmagoria.
Photographs by Tony Oursler. Edited by Beatrix Ruf and Maja Hoffmann and Tom Eccles.
JRP|Ringier, Zürich, 2015.   Cat# ZG572    ISBN-13: 978-3037644263

Summer of 1966.
Photographs by Jef Cornelis. Edited by Yves Aupetitallot. Text by François Morellet.
JRP|Ringier, 2013.   Cat# DS196   

By Robby Müller.
JRP|RINGIER, 2013.   Cat# DS240    ISBN-13: 978-3037643419
Real Stories.
Photographs by Hannes Schmid. Edited by Ildegarda Scheidegger, Matthias Frehner.
JRP/Ringier, 2013.   Cat# DS078    ISBN-13: 978-3037643105

Project Prints.
Photographs by Luigi Ghirri. Edited by Elena Re. Text by Andrea Bellini, Luigi Ghirri, Paola Ghirri, Massimo Minimi, Elena Re.
JRP|RINGIER, 2012.   Cat# DQ914    ISBN-13: 978-3037642498

Anthology of a Decade, Europa.
Photographs by Hedi Slimane. Edited by Lionel Bovier.
JRP/Ringier, 2012.   Cat# DQ878    ISBN-13: 978-3037642245

Socialist Architecture. The Vanishing Act.
Photographs by Armin Linke & Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss. Edited and text by Tobia Bezzola, Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss.
JRP|RINGIER, 2012.   Cat# DQ948    ISBN-13: 978-3037642450

Anthology of a Decade, France.
Photographs by Hedi Slimane. Edited by Lionel Bovier.
JRP|RINGIER, 2012.   Cat# DQ879    ISBN-13: 978-3037642238

Anthology of a Decade, UK.
Photographs by Hedi Slimane. Edited by Lionel Bovier.
JRP|RINGIER, 2012.   Cat# DQ880    ISBN-13: 978-3037642221

Anthology of a Decade, USA.
Photographs by Hedi Slimane. Edited by Lionel Bovier.
JRP|RINGIER, 2012.   Cat# DQ881    ISBN-13: 978-3037642214

More Than You Wanted to Know About John Baldessari. Volume 1.
By John Baldessari. Edited by Meg Cranston, Hans Ulrich Obrist.
JRP|Ringier, 2012.   Cat# DQ926    ISBN-13: 978-3037641927

PA. John Baldessari in Collaboration with Naomi Shohan.
Edited by Cristina Bechtler, David Campany. Text by John Baldessari, David Campany, Amy Cappellazzo, Jessica Morgan, Naomi Shohan.
JRP|Ringier, 2012.   Cat# DQ927    ISBN-13: 978-3037642528

You and Me or the Art of Give and Take.
By Allen Ruppersberg. Edited by Constance Lewallen. Text by Margaret Sundell, Greil Marcus, Tim Griffin, John Slyce.
JRP|Ringier, 2010.   Cat# DQ483    ISBN-13: 978-3037640647

Photographs by Catherine Opie and Alec Soth.
JRP|Ringier, 2010.   Cat# DQ606    ISBN-13: 978-3037641224

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