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I Am Alive. Save the Children.
Photographs by Dominik Nahr. Text by Aishe Malekshahi and Anna Kerber and Martina Dase.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT709    ISBN-13: 978-3735606358
Public and Private. East Germany in Photographs.
Photographs by Ulrich Wust. Text by Gary Van Zante.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT839    ISBN-13: 978-3735605849
Photo Objects.
Edited by Julia Bärnighausen.
Kerber, 2019.   Cat# DT640    ISBN-13: 978-3735604774
Roger Turesson. Passage.
Photographs by Roger Turesson. Text by Hans-Olav Forsang and Torbjorn Petersson.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT900    ISBN-13: 978-3735606662
Photographs by Jörg Colberg.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# KH217    ISBN-13: 978-3735607096

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Photographs by Jonas Dahlstrom.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT961    ISBN-13: 978-3735606877
From the Bronx to Berlin and Beyond.
Photographs by Ron Hoffer.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT891    ISBN-13: 978-3735606440
I Think I Saw Her Blink.
Photographs by Julia Steinigeweg. Text by Jan Decker and Julia von Lucadou.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT972    ISBN-13: 978-3735606594
Lewis and Harris.
Photographs by Philipp Schmidt and Vianca Reinig. Text by S. Donald Murray.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT973    ISBN-13: 978-3735606433
New York, New York.
Photographs by Gudrun Kemsa. Edited by Marion Bornscheuer and Tayfun Belgin and Uwe Kai Schierz.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT918    ISBN-13: 978-3735606655
Olaf Schlote. Memories.
Photographs by Olaf Schlote. Text by Ariella Amar and Yael Kishon. Edited by Klaus Honnef.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT957    ISBN-13: 978-3735606556
Russian Fairy Tales.
Text by Gijs Kessler and Jürgen Rink. Artist by Frank Herfort.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT903    ISBN-13: 978-3735606860
The Forbidden City.
Photographs by Johann Karl. Text by Karoline Karl.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT975    ISBN-13: 978-3735606853
The Magic of Yuanfen. Searching for Masters of Healing and Ancient Chinese Wisdom.
Photographs by Phoebe Hui and Stefanie Schweiger.
Kerber, Berlin, 2020.   Cat# DT820    ISBN-13: 978-3735606488
The Manor. On the Trail of the Baltic Manor House Culture.
Photographs by Anja Putensen.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT693    ISBN-13: 978-3735605979
Cali Chronicles.
Photographs by Tobias Barmann. Text by Anna Czerlitzki.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT842    ISBN-13: 978-3735606389
Mitra Tabrizian.
Photographs by Mitra Tabrizian. Text by David Bate and Olivier Richon and Parveen Adams.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT788    ISBN-13: 978-3735606136
Paris Buenos Aires.
Photographs by Eric Mistler. Text by Bruno Podalydès and Jean-Louis Buchet. Edited by Matthieu Lauriot Prévost.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT719    ISBN-13: 978-3735606228
Photographs by Tim Mitchell. Text by Arnaud Esquerre and Carol McKay and Emily McMehen and Helen James and Luc Boltanski and Lucy Norris and Michalis Nikolakakis and Mike Crang and Nicky Gregson. Editor and Text by Alistair Robinson.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT835    ISBN-13: 978-3735606020
Photographs by Janina Wick. Text by Jens Asthoff.
Kerber, 2020.   Cat# DT733    ISBN-13: 978-3735606198

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