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Documentary in Dispute. The Original Manuscript of Changing New York by Berenice Abbott and Elizabeth McCausland.
Text by Sarah Miller.
The MIT Press, 2020.   Cat# RH101    ISBN-13: 978-0262044172
On Photographs.
Text by David Campany.
The MIT Press, 2020.   Cat# RH100    ISBN-13: 978-0262044240
Co-Illusion. Dispatches from the End of Communication.
Text by David Levi Strauss. With photographs by Peter van Agtmael and Susan Meiselas.
The MIT Press, 2020.   Cat# MI182    ISBN-13: 978-0262043540
The Birth of the Idea of Photography.
Text by François Brunet. Translator by Shane B. Lillis.
The MIT Press, 2019.   Cat# MI180    ISBN-13: 978-0262043267
Ai Weiwei. Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003.
Photographs by Ai Weiwei. Text by John Tancock and Stephanie H. Tung.
The MIT Press, Cambridge, 2018.   Cat# MI178    ISBN-13: 978-0262039154
Contact Warhol. Photography without End.
Photographs by Andy Warhol. Edited by Peggy Phelan and Richard Meyer.
The MIT Press, Cambridge, 2018.   Cat# MI179    ISBN-13: 978-0262038997
Photo Forensics.
Text by Hany Farid.
The MIT Press, Cambridge, 2016.   Cat# YU196    ISBN-13: 978-0262035347
Thirty-four Campgrounds (MIT Press).
Text by Martin Hogue.
The MIT Press, Chicago, 2016.   Cat# YU194    ISBN-13: 978-0262035002
The "Public" Life of Photographs (RIC BOOKS (Ryerson Image Centre Books)).
Edited by Thierry Gervais.
The MIT Press, Chicago, 2016.   Cat# YU193    ISBN-13: 978-0262035194
The Early American Daguerreotype. Cross-Currents in Art and Technology.
Text by Sarah Kate Gillespie.
MIT Press, Cambridge, 2016.   Cat# MI177    ISBN-13: 978-0262034104
When I Was a Photographer.
Text by Félix Nadar. Translated by Eduardo Cadava and Liana Theodoratou.
The MIT Press, Cambridge, 2015.   Cat# MI176    ISBN-13: 978-0262029452
Hurricane Waves.
Photographs by Clifford Ross. Editor by Jay A. Clarke.
The MIT Press, Cambridge, 2015.   Cat# MI175    ISBN-13: 978-0262029971
Snapshot Photography. The Lives of Images.
By Catherine Zuromskis.
MIT Press, Cambridge, 2013.   Cat# MI173    ISBN-13: 978-0262019293

Why Photography Matters.
By Jerry L. Thompson.
MIT Press, Cambridge, 2013.   Cat# MI172    ISBN-13: 978-0262019286

Various Small Books. Referencing Various Small Books by Ed Ruscha.
By Jeff Brouws, Wendy Burton and Hermann Zschiegner.
MIT Press, Cambridge, 2013.   Cat# MI171    ISBN-13: 978-0262018777
Materializing Six Years. Lucy R. Lippard and the Emergence of Conceptual Art.
Edited by Catherine Morris and Vincent Bonin. Preface by Lucy R. Lippard.
MIT Press, Cambridge, 2012.   Cat# MI169    ISBN-13: 978-0262018166

Jeff Wall. Picture for Women.
By David Campany.
MIT Press, Cambridge, 2012.   Cat# MI170    ISBN-13: 978-1846380716

Mixed Use, Manhattan. Photography and Related Practices, 1970s to the Present.
Edited by Lynne Cooke and Douglas Crimp.
MIT Press, Cambridge, 2010.   Cat# MI165    ISBN-13: 978-0262014823

The Great Migrator. Robert Rauschenberg and the Global Rise of American Art.
By Hiroko Ikegami. Work by Robert Rauschenberg.
MIT Press, Cambridge, 2010.   Cat# MI166    ISBN-13: 978-0262014250

Ed Ruscha's Los Angeles.
By Alexandra Schwartz.
Mit Press, Cambridge, 2010.   Cat# MI163    ISBN-13: 978-0262013642

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