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The Citadel: a trilogy.
Photographs by Mame-Diarra Niang.
MACK, 2021.   Cat# ZJ784    ISBN-13: 978-1912339938
Indeterminacy: Thoughts on Time, the Image, and Race(ism).
Text by David Campany & Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa.
MACK, 2021.   Cat# ZJ795    ISBN-13: 978-1913620486
Quitting Your Day Job. Chauncey Hare’s Photographic Work.
Text by Robert Slifkin.
Mack, 2021.   Cat# ZJ620    ISBN-13: 978-1913620073

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Photographs by Martin Kollar.
MACK, 2021.   Cat# ZJ779    ISBN-13: 978-1913620349
Glitter in My Wounds.
Photographs by Adam Broomberg + CAConrad + Gersande Spelsberg.
MACK, 2021.   Cat# ZJ782    ISBN-13: 978-1913620363
Red Eye to New York.
Photographs by Janet Delaney.
MACK, 2021.   Cat# ZJ780    ISBN-13: 978-1913620387
Deana Lawson.
Photographs by Deana Lawson. Edited by Peter Eleey & Eva Respini.
MACK, 2021.   Cat# ZJ790    ISBN-13: 978-1912339983
Chizu (Maquette Edition).
Photographs by Kikuji Kawada.
Mack, London, 2021.   Cat# ZJ163    ISBN-13: 978-1912339716
Photographs by Alec Soth.
MACK, London, 2021.   Cat# ZJ701   
Eikoh Hosoe. English edition.
Photographs by Eikoh Hosoe. Text by Yasufumi Nakamori.
MACK, 2021.   Cat# ZJ794    ISBN-13: 978-1913620240
Photographs by Raymond Meeks.
MACK, 2021.   Cat# ZJ777    ISBN-13: 978-1913620400
Photographs by Marvel Harris.
MACK, 2021.   Cat# ZJ768    ISBN-13: 978-1913620493
Pictures from Home.
Photographs by Larry Sultan.
Mack, London, 2017.   Cat# ZH187    ISBN-13: 978-1910164785
Golden Apple of the Sun.
Photographs by Teju Cole.
MACK, 2021.   Cat# ZJ769    ISBN-13: 978-1913620219
Bugis Houses, Celebes.
Photographs by Ursula Schulz-Dornburg. Text by Sirtjo Koolhof.
MACK, London, 2021.   Cat# ZJ771    ISBN-13: 978-1913620332
Cinque viaggi (1990-98).
Photographs by Guido Guidi.
MACK, 2021.   Cat# ZJ767    ISBN-13: 978-1913620325
Speak the Wind.
Photographs by Hoda Afshar.
Mack, 2021.   Cat# ZJ666    ISBN-13: 978-1913620189
Who is Changed and Who is Dead.
Photographs by Ahndraya Parlato.
Mack, 2021.   Cat# ZJ665    ISBN-13: 978-1913620097
The British Isles.
Photographs by Jamie Hawkesworth.
MACK, 2021.   Cat# ZJ750    ISBN-13: 978-1913620141
Beyond Caring.
Photographs by Paul Graham.
Mack, 2021.   Cat# ZJ668    ISBN-13: 978-1913620127

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