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The Community.
Photographs by Eli Durst.
Mörel Books, 2020.   Cat# ZJ450    ISBN-13: 978-1907071744
Photographs by Jeff Mermelstein.
Mörel Books, London, 2019.   Cat# ZH807   
Photographs by Antony Cairns.
Morel Books, 2019.   Cat# ZH798    ISBN-13: 978-1907071614
The Search for a Superior Moral Justification for Selfishness.
photographs and painting by Nick Waplington.
Mörel Books, London, 2019.   Cat# ZH677   
Photographs by Alix Marie.
Morel Books, London, 2017.   Cat# ZH437    ISBN-13: 978-1907071607

Photographs by Romain Mader.
Morel Books, London, 2016.   Cat# ZG810    ISBN-13: 978-1907071683

David Armstrong: Polaroids.
Photographs by David Armstrong.
Morel Books, London, 2016.   Cat# ZG811   

Peer to Peer.
Photographs by Hannah Whitaker. Text by Aaron Kunin.
Morel Books, London, 2015.   Cat# ZG431    ISBN-13: 978-1907071515

Marvelous Tales of Black Ink.
Photographs by Nobuyoshi Araki. Text by Simon Baker.
Morel Books, London, 2015.   Cat# ZG430    ISBN-13: 978-3906822006

Retrospecting Sandy Hill.
Photographs by Chris Shaw.
Morel, London, 2015.   Cat# ZG613   

Photographs by Thomas Ruff.
Morel Books, London, 2015.   Cat# ZG433   

May The Circle Remain Unbroken.
Photographs by Corinne Day.
Morel, 2013.   Cat# ZE755   

Earth Changes.
Photographs by David Benjamin Sherry.
Morel Books, London, 2013.   Cat# ZG432    ISBN-13: 978-1907071430

Hotel 11a 1bis.
Photographs by Marie Angeletti.
Morel Books, 2013.   Cat# ZF757   

Still Lifes, Portraits & Parts.
Photographs by Daniel Gordon.
Morel Books, 2013.   Cat# ZF681   

Windows Mirrors Tabletops.
Photographs by Lucas Blalock.
Morel Books, 2013.   Cat# ZF758   

Photographs by Asger Carlsen.
Morel Books, 2012.   Cat# ZF310   

Night & Day.
Photographs by David Armstrong.
Morel, 2012.   Cat# ZF082   

Problems With Decomposition.
Photographs by Sam Falls.
Morel, 2012.   Cat# ZF312   

Spleen and Ideal.
Photographs by Tiane Doan Na Champassak.
Morel, 2012.   Cat# ZF313   

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