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Thomas Sauvin.
RVB Books, Paris, 2022.   Cat# IZ128    ISBN-13: 978-2492175213

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#ingrid Escamilla Vargas.
Zoe Aubry.
RVB BOOKS, 2022.   Cat# IZ115    ISBN-13: 978-2492175060
Better Food for our Fighting Men.
Matthieu Nicol.
RVB Books, Paris, 2022.   Cat# IZ129    ISBN-13: 978-2492175220
Photographs by Steve Harries.
RVB Books, Paris, 2022.   Cat# IZ132    ISBN-13: 978-2492175251
Photographs by Philippe Jarrigeon.
RVB Books, Paris, 2022.   Cat# IZ036    ISBN-13: 978-2492175107
Time Travellers.
Thomas Mailaender.
RVB Books, Paris, 2022.   Cat# IZ130    ISBN-13: 978-2492175152
Photographs from Philippe Durand. Text by Philippe Alain Michaud.
RVB Books, Paris, 2021.   Cat# IZ045    ISBN-13: 979-1090306974
Photographs by Óscar Monzón.
Rvb Books, Paris, 2021.   Cat# IZ052    ISBN-13: 978-2492175039
Surface Tension.
Photographs by Tabitha Soren. Text by Jia Tolentino.
RVB Books, Paris, 2021.   Cat# IZ019    ISBN-13: 978-2492175084
Self-Portraits As 47 Pickles.
Photographs by Erwin Wurm.
RVB Books, 2020.   Cat# IB949    ISBN-13: 978-2492175008
Erwin Wurm: Photographs.
Photographs by Erwin Wurm.
RVB Books, 2020.   Cat# ZJ454    ISBN-13: 979-1090306950
Hotel Mermaid Club.
Photographs by Chris Rhodes.
Rvb Books, 2019.   Cat# ZJ057    ISBN-13: 979-1090306905
Happiness Is The Only True Emotion.
Clement Lambelet.
Rvb Books Paris, Paris, 2019.   Cat# IB907   
Hotel Mermaid Club.
Photographs by Chris Rhodes.
Rvb Books Paris, Paris, 2019.   Cat# IB906   
Text and editing by Erik Kessels.
RVB Books, Paris, 2018.   Cat# IB877    ISBN-13: 979-1090306806
Name Dropping.
Photographs collected by Thomas Mailaender.
RVB Books, Paris, 2018.   Cat# IB883    ISBN-13: 979-1090306844
Photographs by Tiane Doan Na Champassak.
Rvb Books, Paris, 2017.   Cat# IB860    ISBN-13: 979-1090306639
Gold and Silver (Or et Argent).
Text by Luce Lebart. Photographs from the Canadian Photography Institute.
RVB Books, Paris, 2017.   Cat# IB849    ISBN-13: 979-1090306677
Edited by Timothy Prus.
RVB Books, Paris, 2017.   Cat# IB835    ISBN-13: 979-1090306608
The Fault.
Photographs by Gregoire Eloy.
Rvb Books, Paris, 2017.   Cat# IB836    ISBN-13: 979-1090306615

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