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The Figure of Christ in Contemporary Photography.
Text by Nathalie Dietschy. Translator by Saskia Brown.
Reaktion Books, 2020.   Cat# UC231    ISBN-13: 978-1789142082
Aurelia. Art and Literature through the Mouth of the Fairy Tale.
Text by Carol Mavor.
Reaktion Books, London, 2017.   Cat# UC205    ISBN-13: 978-1780237176
Zooming In. Histories of Photography in China.
Text by Wu Hung.
Reaktion Books, London, 2016.   Cat# UC175    ISBN-13: 978-1780235998
Liquid City. Second Expanded Edition.
Photographs by Marc Atkins. Text by Iain Sinclair.
Reaktion Books, London, 2016.   Cat# UC176    ISBN-13: 978-1780235837
On Photography.
Text by Walter Benjamin. Editor by Esther Leslie.
Reaktion Books, London, 2015.   Cat# UC171    ISBN-13: 978-1780235257
Photography and Exploration. Exposures.
By James R. Ryan.
Reaktion Books, 2013.   Cat# UC164    ISBN-13: 978-1780231006
Photography and China.
By Claire Roberts.
Reaktion Books, 2012.   Cat# UC152    ISBN-13: 978-1861899118

Photography and Travel.
Photographs by Graham Smith.
Reaktion Books, 2012.   Cat# UC151    ISBN-13: 978-1861899125

Photography and Archaeology.
By Frederick N. Bohrer.
Reaktion Books, 2011.   Cat# UC140    ISBN-13: 978-1861898708
Photography and Death.
Edited by Audrey Linkman.
Reaktion Books, 2011.   Cat# UC128    ISBN-13: 978-1861897916

Photography and Ireland.
By Justin Carville.
Reaktion Books, 2011.   Cat# UC139    ISBN-13: 978-1861898715

Photography and Japan.
Edited by Karen Fraser.
Reaktion Books, 2011.   Cat# UC129    ISBN-13: 978-1861897978

Picturing Atrocity. Photography in Crisis.
Edited by Geoffrey Batchen, Mick Gidley, Nancy K. Miller, and Jay Prosser.
Reaktion Books, 2011.   Cat# UC138    ISBN-13: 978-1861898722

Eadweard Muybridge.
By Marta Braun.
Reaktion Books, 2010.   Cat# UC116    ISBN-13: 978-1861897602

Photography and Africa.
Edited by Erin Haney.
Reaktion Books, 2010.   Cat# UC125    ISBN-13: 978-1861893826

Photography and Italy.
By Maria Antonella Pelizzari.
Reaktion Books, 2010.   Cat# UC115    ISBN-13: 978-1861897695

Photography and the USA.
By Mick Gidley.
Reaktion Books, 2010.   Cat# UC114    ISBN-13: 978-1861897701

Photography and Egypt.
By Maria Golia.
Reaktion Books, 2009.   Cat# UC091    ISBN-13: 978-1861895431

Photography and Literature.
By Fran├žois Brunet.
Reaktion Books, 2009.   Cat# UC081    ISBN-13: 978-1861894298

Photography and Cinema.
By David Campany.
Reaktion Books, 2008.   Cat# UC073    ISBN-13: 978-1861893512

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