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Police Work.
Photographs by Leonard Freed. Edited by Michael Shulman and Tony Nourmand. Foreword by Studs Terkel.
Reel Art Press, 2020.   Cat# DT759    ISBN-13: 978-1909526709
Film Noir Portraits.
Text by Paul Duncan. Edited by Tony Nourmand.
Reel Art Press, 2021.   Cat# DU060    ISBN-13: 978-1909526815
Jeremy Hackett. My London.
Photographs by Jeremy Hackett.
Reel Art Press, 2022.   Cat# DU462    ISBN-13: 978-1909526914
Chris Floyd. Not Just Pictures.
Photographs by Chris Floyd.
Reel Art Press, 2022.   Cat# DU461    ISBN-13: 978-1909526860
Hunter Barnes. A World Away.
Photographs by Hunter Barnes. Foreword by Richard Saunders.
Reel Art Press, 2022.   Cat# DU451    ISBN-13: 978-1909526877
Pattie Boyd. My Life in Pictures.
Photographs by Pattie Boyd.
Reel Art Press, 2022.   Cat# DU432    ISBN-13: 978-1909526907

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Perou / Hyde. Tunnel Vision.
Photographs by Karl Hyde.
Reel Art Press, 2021.   Cat# DU208    ISBN-13: 978-1909526853
Godlis: Miami.
Photographs by David Godlis.
Reel Art Press, 2021.   Cat# DU255    ISBN-13: 978-1909526846
Black in White America. 1963–1965.
Photographs by Leonard Freed. Foreword by Eli Reed.
Reel Art Press, 2020.   Cat# DT982    ISBN-13: 978-1909526778
Godlis Streets.
Photographs by David Godlis. Afterword by Chris Stein. Foreword by Luc Sante.
Reel Art Press, 2020.   Cat# DT979    ISBN-13: 978-1909526730
The People.
Photographs by Hunter Barnes.
Reel Art Press, 2020.   Cat# DT919    ISBN-13: 978-1909526754
Gered Mankowitz. Goin’ Home with the Rolling Stones ’66.
Photographs by Gered Mankowitz and Gered Manowitz. Foreword by Loog Andrew Oldham.
Reel Art Press, 2020.   Cat# DT909    ISBN-13: 978-1909526747
David Montgomery. A Monograph.
Photographs by David Montgomery.
Reel Art Press, 2019.   Cat# DT576    ISBN-13: 978-1909526662

Marilyn Manson by Perou. 21 Years in Hell.
Photographs by Perou.
Reel Art Press, London, 2020.   Cat# DT770    ISBN-13: 978-1909526693
Ronnie Scott’s 1959–69.
Photographs by Freddy Warren.
Reel Art Press, 2019.   Cat# DT645    ISBN-13: 978-1909526631
Hunter Barnes. Spirit of the Southern Speedways.
Photographs by Hunter Barnes.
Reel Art Press, 2019.   Cat# DT599    ISBN-13: 978-1909526648
Once Upon a Time in the West. Shooting a Masterpiece.
Photographs by Angelo Novi. Text by Christopher Frayling. Foreword by Quentin Tarantino.
Reel Art Press, 2019.   Cat# DT538    ISBN-13: 978-1909526334
Hunter Barnes. Off the Strip.
Photographs by Hunter Barnes.
Reel Art Press, 2018.   Cat# DT356    ISBN-13: 978-1909526594
Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin.
Reel Art Press, 2018.   Cat# ZH706    ISBN-13: 978-1909526501
Mario Carnicelli. American Voyage.
Photographs by Mario Carnicelli.
Reel Art Press/Morton Hill, 2018.   Cat# DT165    ISBN-13: 978-1909526570

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