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Antanas Sutkus. Street Life.
Photographs by Antanas Sutkus. Text by Johanna Adorján. Edited by Thomas Schirmböck.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2021.   Cat# DU128    ISBN-13: 978-3958297623
Jackie Nickerson. Unseen Farm.
Photographs by Jackie Nickerson. Text by Kevin Moore and Vince Aletti.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2021.   Cat# DU133    ISBN-13: 978-3958298941
People at Art.
Photographs by Philipp Keel. Foreword by Anthony McCarten and Yasmina Reza.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2021.   Cat# DU232    ISBN-13: 978-3958298873
Robert Adams. Eden.
Photographs by Robert Adams.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2020.   Cat# DT804    ISBN-13: 978-3958296817
Cuban Studies.
Photographs by Joakim Eskildsen. Text by Abel Gonzalez.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2020.   Cat# DT741    ISBN-13: 978-3958297043
David Bailey. 128 Polaroids.
Photographs by David Bailey.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2020.   Cat# DT702    ISBN-13: 978-3958297029
Lead Belly. A Life in Pictures.
Text by Glenn O'Brien and Jack Kerouac and Mason Roberson and Pete Seeger and Tom Waits. Contribution by Tyehimba Jess. Edited by John Reynolds and Tiny Robinson.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2020.   Cat# DT758    ISBN-13: 978-3958297036
Arwed Messmer. Clearing the Depths.
Photographs by Arwed Messmer. Text by Falk Haberkorn and Maren Lübbke-Tidow.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2021.   Cat# DU138    ISBN-13: 978-3958299054
Chris Killip. Skinningrove.
Text by Chris Killip.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2021.   Cat# DU150    ISBN-13: 978-3958299030
Photographs by Bruce Davidson. Text by Sam Holmes. Editor by Michael Mack.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2017.   Cat# DS800    ISBN-13: 978-3958290174
David Bailey. Road to Barking.
Photographs by David Bailey. Text by Darren Rodwell.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2021.   Cat# DU140    ISBN-13: 978-3958298996
Fazal Sheikh & Teju Cole. Human Archipelago.
Photographs by Fazal Sheikh.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2021.   Cat# DU137    ISBN-13: 978-3958299115
Jamey Stillings. Atacama. Renewable Energy and Mining in the High Desert of Chile.
Photographs by Jamey Stillings. Text by Mark Sloan.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2020.   Cat# DT731    ISBN-13: 978-3958297081
Joey Tranchina. Beatitude. The Beat Attitude.
Photographs by Joey Tranchina. Edited by Anthony Bannon. Foreword by Ed Sanders.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2021.   Cat# DU146    ISBN-13: 978-3958299092
Joshua Chuang & Robert Adams. Boats, Books, Birds.
Photographs by Joshua Chuang and Robert Adams. Text by Pattiann Rogers.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2020.   Cat# DT748    ISBN-13: 978-3958296619
Last Summer.
Photographs by Philipp Keel. Text by Benedict Wells.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2020.   Cat# DT796    ISBN-13: 978-3958296947
Margaret Courtney-Clarke. When Tears Don’t Matter.
Photographs by Margaret Courtney-Clarke. Text by Virginia MacKenny.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2021.   Cat# DU130    ISBN-13: 978-3958298774
Michel Comte. American Road Stories.
Photographs by Michel Comte.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2021.   Cat# DU148    ISBN-13: 978-3958298965
Michel Comte. Harran Earthworks.
Photographs by Michel Comte.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2021.   Cat# DU141    ISBN-13: 978-3958298972
Property Rights.
Photographs and Text by Mitch Epstein. Edited by Susan Bell.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2021.   Cat# DU143    ISBN-13: 978-3958299016

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