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The Polaroid Book. 40th Ed.
Text by Barbara Hitchcock. Edited by Steve Crist.
TASCHEN, Los Angeles, 2022.   Cat# TD331    ISBN-13: 978-3836591997
The Golden Retriever Photographic Society.
Photographs by Bruce Weber. Text by Bruce Weber and Jane Goodall. Designer by Dimitri Levas.
TASCHEN, 2021.   Cat# TD329    ISBN-13: 978-3836586634
Helmut Newton. Legacy.
Photographs by Helmut Newton. Text by Matthias Harder and Philippe Garner.
TASCHEN, 2021.   Cat# TD328    ISBN-13: 978-3836584586
Photographs by Heinrich Josef Darchinger. Text by Klaus Honnef. Edited by Frank Darchinger.
TASCHEN, Cologne, 2021.   Cat# TD327    ISBN-13: 978-3836589277
Salgado, Exodus (PHOTO) (English and French Edition).
Edited by TASCHEN.
TASCHEN, 2021.   Cat# TD326    ISBN-13: 978-3836588850

Witchcraft. The Library of Esoterica.
Designer by Thunderwing. Edited by Jessica Hundley and Pam Grossman.
TASCHEN, 2021.   Cat# TD330    ISBN-13: 978-3836585606
Japan 1900. (EXTRA LARGE) (Multilingual Edition).
Edited and with text by Sabine Arqué and Sebastian Dobson.
TASCHEN, Los Angeles, 2021.   Cat# TD325    ISBN-13: 978-3836573566
The Charlie Chaplin Archives.
Edited by Paul Duncan.
TASCHEN, Los Angeles, 2021.   Cat# TD324    ISBN-13: 978-3836580724
Photographs by Sebastião Salgado. Edited by Lélia Wanick Salgado.
TASCHEN, Los Angeles, 2021.   Cat# TD323    ISBN-13: 978-3836585101

Wolfgang Tillmans. four books. 40th Anniversary Edition.
Photographs by Wolfgang Tillmans.
TASCHEN, 2020.   Cat# TD320    ISBN-13: 978-3836582537
Photographs by Helmut Newton. Edited by June Newton.
TASCHEN, 2020.   Cat# TD319    ISBN-13: 978-3836582216
The End of the Game.
Photographs by Peter Beard.
TASCHEN, 2020.   Cat# TD318    ISBN-13: 978-3836584869
Peter Lindbergh. . On Fashion Photography. 40th Anniversary Edition.
Text by Peter Lindbergh.
TASCHEN, 2020.   Cat# TD321    ISBN-13: 978-3836582506
Peter Beard.
Photographs and collage by Peter Beard. Text by Steven M. L. Aronson, and Owen Edwards.
TASCHEN, Los Angeles, 2020.   Cat# TD316    ISBN-13: 978-3836577427
Peter Lindbergh. On Fashion Photography (English, French and German Edition).
Photographs by Peter Lindbergh.
TASCHEN, Los Angeles, 2020.   Cat# TD322    ISBN-13: 978-3836584425
Photographs by Sebastião Salgado. Text by Alan Riding and Sebastião Salgado. Edited by Lélia Wanick Salgado.
TASCHEN, 2019.   Cat# TD315    ISBN-13: 978-3836575089
Helmut Newton: SUMO. 20th Anniversary Edition.
Photographs by Helmut Newton.
TASCHEN, 2019.   Cat# TD317    ISBN-13: 978-3836578196
The Fire Next Time.
Photographs by Steve Schapiro. Text by James Baldwin.
TASCHEN, 2019.   Cat# TD314    ISBN-13: 978-3836571517
Photographs by Sebastião Salgado. Text by Alan Riding and Sebastião Salgado. Edited by Lélia Wanick Salgado.
TASCHEN, 2019.   Cat# TD315    ISBN-13: 978-3836576505
Annie Leibovitz: The Early Years, 1970-1983.
Photographs by Annie Leibovitz. Text by Luc Sante and Jann S. Wenner.
TASCHEN, Köln, 2018.   Cat# TD307    ISBN-13: 978-3836571890

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