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Flora Photographica. Masterworks of Contemporary Flower Photography.
Text by William A. Ewing and Danaé Panchaud.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2022.   Cat# TH115    ISBN-13: 978-0500024584
A World History of Women Photographers.
Text by Luce Lebart and Marie Robert.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2022.   Cat# TH120    ISBN-13: 978-0500025413
Another Country. British Documentary Photography Since 1945.
Text by Gerry Badger. Primary Contributor by Martin Parr.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2022.   Cat# TH114    ISBN-13: 978-0500022177
Polaroid. The Complete Guide to Experimental Instant Photography.
Text by Rhiannon Adam.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2022.   Cat# TH119    ISBN-13: 978-0500296523
The Mindful Photographer.
Text by Sophie Howarth.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2022.   Cat# TH116    ISBN-13: 978-0500545539

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Cherry Blossom.
Photographs by Bruce Gilden.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2022.   Cat# TH113    ISBN-13: 978-0500545553
Face Time. A History of the Photographic Portrait.
Edited and curated by Phillip Prodger.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2021.   Cat# TH105    ISBN-13: 978-0500544914
The Year That Changed Our World. A Photographic History of the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Text by Agence France Presse. Edited by Marielle Eudes.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2021.   Cat# TH117    ISBN-13: 978-0500025062
On the Roof. New York in Quarantine.
Photographs by Josh Katz.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2021.   Cat# TH106    ISBN-13: 978-0500024911
American Geography.
Photographs by Matt Black.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2021.   Cat# TH107    ISBN-13: 978-0500545355

Paris Revisited.
Photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson. Text by Agnès Sire and Ann de Mondenard.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2021.   Cat# TH099    ISBN-13: 978-0500545423
I See a City. Todd Webb's New York.
Photographs by Todd Webb. Text by Daniel Okrent and Sean Corcoran.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2021.   Cat# TH100    ISBN-13: 978-0500545522
Photographs by Harry Gruyaert. Text by Jean-Claude Carriere.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2021.   Cat# TH101    ISBN-13: 978-0500545515
Photographs by Mona Kuhn. Text by Chris Littlewood and Darius Himes and Rebecca Morse and Simon Baker.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2021.   Cat# TH102    ISBN-13: 978-0500545454
Todd Webb in Africa. Outside the Frame.
Photographs by Todd Webb. Text by Aimee Bessire and Erin Nolan Hyde.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2021.   Cat# TH103    ISBN-13: 978-0500545393
Helen Levitt. (Photofile).
Photographs by Helen Levitt. Text by Jean-François Chevrier.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2021.   Cat# TH110    ISBN-13: 978-0500411193
Photography. (Art Essentials).
Text by David Bate.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2021.   Cat# TH109    ISBN-13: 978-0500296240
Photomontage. (World of Art).
Text by Dawn Ades.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2021.   Cat# TH112    ISBN-13: 978-0500204672
Shop Cats of China.
Photographs by Marcel Heijnen. Contribution by Ian Row. Foreword by Catharine Nicol.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2021.   Cat# TH108    ISBN-13: 978-0500296110
Photographs by Liam Wong.
Thames & Hudson, London, 2021.   Cat# TH104    ISBN-13: 978-0500545461

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