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Rubbish, Dipping Sauce, Grass, Peonie, Bum.
Photographs by Maisie Cousins. Introduction by Simon Baker, Director, MEP, Paris. Design by Jamie Shaw.
Trolley Books, London, 2019.   Cat# ZJ047    ISBN-13: 978-1907112607
Looking for Alice.
Photographs by Sian Davey. Text by David Chandler, Sian Davey, and Luke Davey.
Trolley Books, London, 2015.   Cat# ZG798    ISBN-13: 978-1907112522

Marching to the Freedom Dream.
Photographs by Dan Budnik.
Trolley Books, 2014.   Cat# TL073    ISBN-13: 978-1907112478
Photographs by Robin Maddock.
Trolley, 2014.   Cat# ZF821    ISBN-13: 978-1907112485
By Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin.
Trolley, London, 2013.   Cat# TL072    ISBN-13: 978-1907112461

Photographs by Jarret Schecter.
Trolley, London, 2011.   Cat# TL071    ISBN-13: 978-1907112355

Surrounded by No One.
Photographs by Margaret M de Lange. Text by Arno Rafael Minkkinen.
Trolley, London, 2011.   Cat# TL070    ISBN-13: 978-1907112362

The Middle East Journals of Tom Hurndall.
Photographs by Tom Hurndall. Text by Robert Fisk.
Trolley, London, 2011.   Cat# TL069    ISBN-13: 978-1904563518

God Forgotten Face.
Photographs by Robin Maddock. Text by Owen Hatherley.
Trolley, London, 2011.   Cat# TL067    ISBN-13: 978-1907112355
Delta Nigeria. The Rape of Paradise.
Photographs by George Osodi.
Trolley, London, 2011.   Cat# TL043    ISBN-13: 978-1904563853

The Hardy Tree. A Story About Gang Mentality.
Photographs by Iphgenia Baal.
Trolley, London, 2011.   Cat# TL068    ISBN-13: 978-1907112294

Libera Me. Part One. Persona.
Photographs by Alex Majoli.
Trolley, London, 2010.   Cat# TL065    ISBN-13: 978-1907112225

Russian Off Track.
Photographs by Jarret Schecter.
Trolley, London, 2010.   Cat# TL064    ISBN-13: 978-1907112218

Photographs by Alex Webb.
Trolley, London, 2010.   Cat# TL061    ISBN-13: 978-1907112188

The Chandigarh Catalogues.
Photographs by Patsy Craig and Jonathan Nicholls.
Trolley, London, 2009.   Cat# TL056    ISBN-13: 978-1904563952

Gentlemen of Bakongo.
Photographs by Daniele Tamagni.
Trolley, London, 2009.   Cat# TL054    ISBN-13: 978-1904563839

The Only House Left Standing. The Journals of Tom Hurndall.
Photographs by Tom Hurndall.
Trolley, London, 2011.   Cat# TL051    ISBN-13: 978-1904563518

A Million Shillings. Escape from Somalia.
Photographs by Alixandra Fazzina.
Trolley, London, 2008.   Cat# TL044    ISBN-13: 978-1904563846

Photographs by Stefano de Luigi.
Trolley, London, 2010.   Cat# TL063    ISBN-13: 978-1907112140

Gaz's Rockin' Blues. The First 30 Years.
By Gaz Mayall.
Trolley, London, 2010.   Cat# TL060    ISBN-13: 978-1907112157

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