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In the Near Distance
Arriving soon, copies of Greg Girard's In the Near Distance, published by Kominek Books in Berlin and selected as one of the Best Books of 2010 by Morton Andersen. Girard is best known for his stunning 2007 publication Phantom Shanghai, a tour de force of glowing nightscapes of the swiftly disappearing old section of the city. In the Near Distance presents photographs Girard took between 1973 and 1986, early studies of the city at night — slide-film wanderings which capture a unique blue glow, city streets and lonely sailors. The images are stunning, and mark a clear beginning of the eye which he would later deploy with such aplomb. Copies arriving soon, now available for preorder.

Desperate Cars
Also arriving soon, Desperate Cars by Sebastien Girard, selected as one of the Best Books of 2010 by Ramón Reverté. Savvy readers will remember Girard's magnificent 2009 self-publication Nothing But Home, a study of the artist's home while undergoing serious renovation. Desperate Cars is a formal sequel, presenting fragments of apparently distressed cars, lit up by a flash in the night and looming in their exquisite detail. Like its predecessor, Desperate Cars has been self-published in an edition of 500, plus a limited edition of 100 with a print. Copies arriving soon, now available for preorder.

Also of note, a superb series of photographs by Andreas Trogisch, published by Peperoni Books. Well known for his graphic design, Trogisch has been relatively undiscovered as a photographer for the past 30 years. His images are now being collected in a series of six folders, limited to 100 copies each. The first folder in this series, Von Ferne, is a beautiful portrayal of everyday occurrences, focusing on engaging compositions and often laden with dark imagery. Von Ferne is a discovery, a look into a very unusual and unique view from a photographer who is sure to gain attention for the publication of this unseen work. The second folder from this series, Magico, takes the viewer further into Trogisch's surreal world. Magico is poetic in nature, relying on many stand-alone images that weave a beautifully dark encounter. The print quality in both volumes is astounding and a sure treat for those curious about this artist’s work. Copies of both titles are now in stock.

On photo-eye Blog, Sarah Bradley's closer look at Kitintale by Yann Gross, selected by Larissa Leclair and Peter Sutherland as one of the Best Books of 2010. Also on the blog, a closer look at Melanie McWhorter's selection for a Best Book of 2010, Crime Victims Chronicle by Raymond Meeks and Deborah Luster.

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Raymon Meeks & Deborah Luster
Crime Victims Chronicle (selected by Melanie McWhorter as a Best Book of 2010)
Susie Linfield
The Cruel Radiance (Selected by Colin Pantall as a Best Book of 2010)
Ron Jude
Emmett - SIGNED (selected by Peter Sutherland as a Best Book of 2010)
Dian Hanson
The Big Butt Book (selected by Todd Hido as a Best Book of 2010)
Fred HÜning
Andreas Trogisch
Andreas Trogisch
Von Ferne
Bruce Weber
All-American X
Juliana Beasley
Sete # 10 - SIGNED
Robert Doisneau
Palm Springs 1960
Yann Gross
Kitintale - SIGNED (selected by Peter Sutherland and Larissa Leclair as a Best Book of 2010)
John Steck Jr
Fragments (selected by Larissa Leclair as a Best Book of 2010)
Greg Girard
In the Near Distance (selected by Morten Andersen as a Best Book of 2010)
Sebastien Girard
Desperate Cars (selected by Ramón Reverté as a Best Book of 2010)

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