Beth Moon: Ancient KingdomsBeth Moon
Beth Moon: Ancient Kingdoms
Works in Platinum
Opening: Friday, September 28, 5–7 PM
On View through November 24, 2018

photo-eye Gallery is thrilled to announce Ancient Kingdoms, a solo exhibition of black-and-white platinum prints by renowned photographer Beth Moon spanning two decades of work and images from four discrete projects.

While the subject matter varies widely from tree portraits to a spiritual journey, the overarching themes of Moon’s work including humanity’s relationship with nature, a fascination with time, resilience, and survival serve to unify the exhibition. In essence, Moon’s images utilize the history of the plant and animal kingdoms to ask beautiful questions about our relativity to nature while challenging us to respect and acknowledge our place within the greater lifecycle – one which both precedes us and will outlast our time on earth. Subtle but triumphant, Moon’s prints often evoke a primal ache, a sense of wistful wonder, and an urge to connect with the wild.

photo-eye Gallery, 541 S. Guadalupe St. (in the Railyard Arts District), Santa Fe, NM 87501. Tuesday-Saturday 10-5:30 pm or by appointment. 505.988.5152 x202

For more information, contact Anne Kelly, Gallery Director.
Atomic Playground Atomic Playground
Current Exhibition in our Santa Fe Bookstore Project Space
Atomic Playground.
Photographs by Clay Lipsky and Greg Mac Gregor.

Artist Reception and Book Signing
Saturday, September 8, 2018, 5-7 pm.
Exhibition continues thru October 20th

photo-eye Bookstore’s Project Space is proud to announce Atomic Playground, a two-person exhibition featuring Clay Lipsky and Greg Mac Gregor. Clay Lipsky's Atomic Overlook re-contextualizes a legacy of atomic bomb tests. In an attempt to keep a nuclear threat feeling contemporary and omnipresent, Lipsky introduces archival images of atomic explosions among casual scenes of vacationers. The surreal images speak to a voyeuristic culture where catastrophe is viewed as entertainment by increasingly desensitized masses. The iconic mushroom cloud in each image serves as metaphor for larger societal issues such as: global warming, nuclear power, industrialization, and pollution.

Greg Mac Gregor's artwork incorporates official, declassified photographs from the Los Alamos National Laboratory Photographic Archives produced in the early 1950s at the Nevada Test Site during the atmospheric testing era. Mac Gregor skillfully colorizes these scenes using a style and palette similar to hand painted postcards popular at the time. The color is realistic but flat, injecting emotional content into the image, and resulting in a series of haunting, nostalgic, and dystopian tableaux.

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Our new Bookstore/Project Space location
1300 Rufina Circle, Suite A3
Santa Fe, NM 87507
Monday–Saturday 10–5:30 pm
505.988.5152 x201
(in the Siler/Rufina Arts District near Meow Wolf)

For more information, contact Rixon Reed, photo-eye Founder/Director

Anne Arden McDonald Anne Arden McDonald
Anne Arden McDonald: Cameraless

McDonald's cameraless unique image works are included in our Light + Metal, Unique Photographs and Objects show through September 15th.

For more information, contact Anne Kelly, Gallery Director.
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