Cig Harvey Statement

Artist Statement
YOU LOOK AT ME LIKE AN EMERGENCY is a visual autobiography exploring the photographer's central relationships over the course of more than a decade. Through rich, vibrant photographs and startlingly revealing writing, Cig transforms quotidian experiences that reference time and place, creating totems that mark key moments in her life.

As much a map of one woman's emotional life as it is a catalog of psychological archetypes, YOU LOOK AT ME LIKE AN EMERGENCY takes the viewer on a literal and metaphorical journey that deals with rejection, hope, indecision, strength, loss, and love to finally find a place called home. In seventy-four gorgeously colored photographs and seventeen personally written vignettes, EMERGENCY conveys the universal quest for personal identity and place in the world.

GARDENING AT NIGHT is Cig Harvey’s latest body of work, and explores notions of time, family, nature and home. While Harvey’s previous work, You Look at Me Like an Emergency, focused on defining Home, GARDENING AT NIGHT celebrates the growth and discovery of building a life once you’ve arrived.

Far from literal and linear, Harvey crafts a series of metaphorical vignettes rooted in her personal experience with, as her publisher notes, “a delicious element of magical realism...” Luscious color and the play of soft light elevate the familiar to the extraordinary, evoking something primal and leaving the viewer with the weight and wonder of a waking dream. Photographed in Harvey’s characteristically whimsical style, GARDENING AT NIGHT is an emotional yet ultimately joyous expression of the human condition.

Process Statement
All images are shot with a Hasselblad or a Canon 5D Mark II

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