Frank Ward Statement

Artist Statement
"The Drunken Bicycle" is a collection of pictures made in Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan from 2005-2012. I would think of this portfolio as the equivalent to travel writing with a camera except that the pictures contain few tourist vistas or landmarks. Evidence of the Silk Road, Ghengis Khan and other empires remain in the dust.

My interpretation is of the present. What is life like now, how is culture manifested, and where is the influence of our global interconnectedness? These questions linger as I make some portraits, landscapes, and mostly celebrate what is— a carpet, a chair, a road, a school, a plastic bag.

Process Statement
The camera helps me interact with the world. It gives me motivation to connect with other lives. I have used all formats from the 8X10 view camera to the iPhone. In "The Drunken Bicycle" series, I work with a full frame digital Nikon, often on a tripod. All images are printed using archival paper and pigment inks.

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