Joseph Mougel Statement

Artist Statement
As children we played the games of war, and back then, good and bad seemed obvious. Savages with arrows and the civilized with guns. The boy I once was never intended to be the man I am today. I needed not to question a nation that liberated the home of my father and mother. Is this not the great land of freedom and opportunity that they believed in? I look at my personal history to see where it went astray. To rob the bees never seemed wrong then, and you never wondered the fate of the fuzzy bunny. Am I just or unjust? There are always good intentions, but have you seen my means to an end? The history books of the victor make clear my adversaries and the just cause my country has fought. A flawless history. In reality, there is no right and wrong, and it is not so easy to point the finger and call others across the ocean evildoers. I see my naiveté, as the politics of policy changes. My praise for government has gradually waned, but the love for country always remains. Am I a mere tool of policy or a monster of war? Society teaches that might makes right. Is God on my side? When the troops come home, will they be welcomed and their actions be condemned? Are they not our heroes? Heroes are made on the battlefield. If so, are our morals to be soiled in that embattled earth? My sadness is greater for those I serve with and have seen conflict and war. They believe, and so they should, however, I cannot see the line drawn between good guy and bad.

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