Karen Kuehn Statement

Artist Statement
Maverick Camera is a collection of Karen Kuehn’s work primarily centered on her time as a professional photographer in New York City. Previously a Ranger for the US park service in Montana, Kuehn arrived in NYC in the late 1980’s just as The Factory, Interview Magazine, and Punk Rock were exploding on the scene. Maverick Camera is a memoir of sorts, where personal recollections and anecdotes mix with images lending an intimacy to the book while giving readers insight as to how a particular model or experience affected Kuehn. Karen’s beliefs, desires, and interests are delineated in her poetic text but also illustrated in her images, as Reid Callanan of the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops states:

“…Karen is one of my favorite portrait photographers because her portraits express an unwavering belief in the goodness of people. Her portraits reveal as much about her worldview as they do about the person sitting, standing, leaning or jumping in front of her lens.”

Karen lives with her young son and a variety of animals on a small farm in Peralta, New Mexico. She is represented by the Monroe Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico and supports a number of nonprofit organizations like Free Tibet, DAPP, and Oceanic Preservation Society through contribution as volunteer and of her exhibition prints for auction.

The Bookstore Project Space exhibition includes black-and-white celebrity portraits from Kuehn’s time working in New York City, including: Bill Murray, Brian Eno, Cher, The B-52’s, James Taylor, Robin Williams, and Tom Hanks among others.

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