Kyohei Abe Statement

Artist Statement
Most of my images are built upon a formula, a structure of both space and content. I was originally trained as an architect and designer, so I tend to build compositions that are clean, well ordered, and simple in content and composition. In my creative process, I always look for juxtapositions and interrelationships that create new perceptions and new meanings. I always discover a structure, or some form of order within. I then look for a more complex system existing within the simpler structure. At the end, the results of this exchange of elemental play between images, space and myself are attractive. Photography is a medium that fosters the belief that we have the ability to preserve reality, when in fact the reality we thought to be recorded actually exists in the conceptual space between viewer and imagery. My inspiration comes from the history of paintings – particularly 17th-century Dutch, Flemish and Spanish still-lives, which I’ve always thought quite contemporary. These particular paintings attract me because they require a kind of monocular view to understand everything that exists in front of me. When finding a connection between photography and 17th-century Northern European painting, the former provides a realization of the way we see, while the latter reinforces that way of seeing. In the process of creating my imagery, I work with the idea of the paradox between control and development. Throughout the process of the creation of my imagery, everything must be controlled, a parallel that I see in the tradition of 17th century Northern European paintings. Simultaneously I seek a dialogue between objects, the camera, and myself during the process. This mixture of concepts creates a new meaning. I am attracted to the diversion created by that exchange. At a glance, the result is that my photographs create an ambiguous and fictitious environment, which is something that really interests me.

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