Lisa M. Robinson Statement

Artist Statement
For the past five years, I have been making photographs in the snow and ice. I am interested in metaphor, and have sought to comprehend our human place in this world.

On the surface, these images are quite beautiful. They appear elegantly simple and accessible, evoking, perhaps, the silent tranquility that one might feel after a fresh snowfall. Beneath the surface, however, there is a subtle tension. Like fine haiku, each image quietly references another season, a time of life or activity that has already passed, and may come again. Throughout the series run the leitmotifs of poles and ropes and a palette of man-made color. The relationship between the human and the natural world becomes more tightly intertwined as the series progresses, and the cycles of life and death and transformation fold inward.

This interest in time passage and life cycles becomes distilled in explorations of water itself. Ice, snow, fog and water embody the liminal states of a primary element. At times, the multiple forms exist simultaneously. It is as though the thing itself possesses its own counterpoint- and transformation is a constant condition, despite seeming moments of stillness.

Process Statement
The past five winters I have been photographing in the snow. The near-meditative state of hiking over mountains in search of the unexpected continued as I unfolded my 4 x 5 field camera and began the ritual of making a single photograph.

The resulting images are all straight photographs, with no manipulations. They achieve a heightened sense of surrealism due to the unique atmosphere and light which I seek to enhance the solitary nature of my subject matter. The prints themselves are digital c-prints. The qualities of luminescence and light, which have always informed my images, are maintained in these prints, heightening our experience of reality while taking us into otherworldly realms.

Images from "Snowbound" are available in an edition of 15 prints, size 28" x 36". All c-prints are mounted on acid free museum board and signed/editioned on the verso.

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