Luigi Fieni Statement

Artist Statement
As my background is mostly painting, my work is constantly trying to merge photography with painting, trying to produce photographs that are as pictorial as possible: my personal view of things.

Emotions are what I mostly try to capture, show through my lenses, and that is also true when the work involves a visual narrative. Even when working in photojournalism, rather than capturing or depicting an event, the photograph becomes a way to show what I feel in a precise moment. I prefer to show emotions to people, I try to make them feel what I felt, not just show them what I saw.

Process Statement
The process of creating movement and blurring in my photography comes exclusively from the camera and using a slow shutter speed. In this way, I rotate, zoom, pan or shake the camera while pressing the shutter.

Additionally, I combine those movements (e.g. : rotate and zoom, rotate and pan, zoom and pan, etc…). The Photoshop manipulation is intended only for increasing the results of my blurry images, thus working on tonal contrast and adding some bleaching.

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