Max Kellenberger Statement

Artist Statement
I believe there is something soothing about a repetitive pattern and repetition in general. Maybe because repetition is a core principle of life, I am thinking of the heart beat and the breath. A few years ago I had the idea to create "blueprints" of everyday things and objects. Laying them neatly next to one another and creating a wonderful pattern is very appealing to me. Since cyanotypes were historically used as blueprints it makes sense to apply this very old technique for my series. It took me quite a while to figure out the technical details to make big borderless cyanotypes. But how fun to be working with these kinds of problems! What a relief to be away from the computer screen.

The grasses are a very traditional way of using the cyanotype technique. The best known prints were created in the middle of the 19th century by Anna Atkins. I am lucky to live very close to nature. I can just walk out from my studio and find all these beautiful plants. I love how the cyanotype reduces the amount of information by just showing a simple silhouette. These prints show the beauty and uniqueness of each individual plant.

Process Statement
These prints are made on hand coated Arches Aquarelle paper using the old technique of cyanotype, also referred to as blueprints or sun prints. Some of them are contact prints from a digital transparency while others (including all the botanicals) are unique photograms by placing the objects directly onto the sensitized paper. The cyanotype sensitized paper is not very sensitive and requires a strong UV light source, the best being the sun.

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