2001 Being laid off from a job created time to pursue photography again after a very long gap in time. I spent a lot of time looking at photo books and discovered a haunting book on the work of Francesca Woodman that opened my eyes on what was acceptable in the field, how personal it could be and how far it could travel away from the Ansel Adams style that I was familiar with.
2002 Attended a year long Photography Atelier at Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study. This sounds loftier than it was. What it did was create a safe place to take chances and just enough deadlines to keep me on track.
2005 Attended three weekend workshops workshops at The Woodstock Center for Photography. I took something away from each workshop but enjoyed Keith Carter the most.
2006 Late in the summer I went to my first summer fair since I was a kid and found the project I was hoping for. Having to wait all winter to get back to it was terrible.
2008 The international portfolio reviews; FotoFest in Houston, Powerhouse Books in Brooklyn and Review Santa Fe gave me the affirmation and confidence I needed to continue my summer fair series.
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2008 Third prize, Photography III, MarinMOCA, Novaton, CA
2008 Third prize, Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD
2008 Solo exhibition award, Foundry Art Center, St. Charles, MO
2008 First prize for black & white/people & animals, Louisville, CO.
2007 Ithaca Fine Chocolates “Art Bars” competition, Ithaca, NY
2006 Third prize, “Krappy Kamera” competition, SoHo Photo, NYC
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Solo Exhibitions

2011 person/persona, Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY
2011 Corn Dogs and Blue Ribbon, Cordon/Potts Gallery, San Francisco, California
2010 Plastic Fantastic, Gallery Tanto Tempo, Kobe, Japan
2010 Corn Dogs and Blue Ribbons, Lishui Photography Festival, Luishui, China
2009 Corn Dogs and Blue Ribbons, Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY
2009 Corn Dogs, Blue Ribbons and the American Pastoral, Griffin Museum of Photography, Belmont, MA
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Group Exhibitions

2011 Panopticon Gallery, Boston, MA
2011 curatorial invitation, Flash Forward Festival, Boston, MA
2011 Houston Center for Photography, Houston, Texas
2010 Newspace Gallery, Portland, OR
2009 Member's Competition, The Texas Photographic Society, San Antonio, TX
2008 Onward '08, Project Basho, Philadelphia, PA
2007 Krappy Kamera competition, SoHo Photo, NYC
2007 Dia Invitational, Denver Airport Gallery, Denver, CO
2007 Tufts University, Somerville, MA
Annual national juried show, Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA
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Lishui Museum of Photography, Lishui, China
Museum of Fine Art, Houston, Houston, Texas
Meditech Corporation, Massachusetts
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Identity Now. Peter Hay Halpert Gallery. not released yet, NYC
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Favorite Photography Books

Francesca Woodman, Francesca Woodman, (photo-eye Cat# PK477)
Photographer Frantisek Drtikol, Frantisek Drtikol, (photo-eye Cat# PK623)
Sound of Summer Running, Raymond Meeks, (photo-eye Cat# TR164)
The Last Harvest Truck Farmers in the Deep South, Perry Dilbeck, (photo-eye Cat# ZC873)
Holding Venus, Keith Carter, (photo-eye Cat# AE023)

Favorite Technical Photography Books

The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes, Christopher James, (photo-eye Cat# ZB835)
Plastic Cameras. Toying with Creativity, Michelle Bates, (photo-eye Cat# FO189)
The Photographer's Toning Book, Tim Rudman, (photo-eye Cat# WG202)
Bromoil 101. A Plain English Working Manual and User's Guide for Beginners, Gene Laughter, (photo-eye Cat# ZB435)
The Photographers Series: Keith Carter, Keith Carter, (photo-eye Cat# ZC840)

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