Michael Jackson Statement

Artist Statement

My time is spent between two different worlds - one is a beach that I have been photographing for over seven years - Poppit Sands. When I am there I photograph what nature offers.

My other world is in the studio - where I can create my own landscapes. In here my imagination is free and I am in control.

'A Child's Landscape' is an escape from reality.

My aim is to show a world as how a child would respond to it, full of adventure, pirates, crags and storms.

At some point, as we grow up, we lose the ability to let our minds play and weave stories around reality - to disregard what is real and make it our own. A Child's Landscape is about how a child would see a towering cliff or a stormy sea. Reality is used as the base for all imagination. Once the thought of it is pushed to one side you can begin to smell the sea and hear the gulls in the distance. You are free to let your imagination make the image your own.

Process Statement
The process is based around the collection of a certain type of rock which is then photographed using either digital or film cameras while the rock is underwater.

I use my hands to create shadows and highlights as the photograph is being taken and just before the shutter is pressed I throw into the water a handful of the essential element - breadcrumbs.

The final image is the actual negative this procedure. No digital filters or textures are used. I call this process the 'Inverted Water Process'

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