Rendezvous with Light Statement

Artist Statement
Rendezvous with Light is an exhibition that juxtaposes the work of Dallas based photographic artists David H. Gibson and Chaco Terada. While the artists maintain separate practices, they often work closely together, sometimes even photographing in the same locations, and images in Rendezvous with Light share similar natural themes. The exhibition addresses notions of light, time, space, and origin while possessing meditative, poetic, and otherworldly qualities. Gibson and Terada each express these ideas in a unique fashion.

A master of subtlety, David Gibson loves to examine how light and atmosphere transform an environment over time. For decades, Gibson has created time sequences, a series of images where he returns to the same locations to photograph a single setting over a small period when the rapid environmental change is taking place minutes – typically near a body of water at sunrise. The mood, tone, and sense of space within the scene varies widely between images that are made within minutes of each other. Gibson’s time sequences take the form of wall scrolls, handmade artist books, and are occasionally broken out into individual prints. Overall, Gibson’s landscapes exude notions of quiet vastness, minimalistic composition, and rhythmic mark-making while maintaining a unique and specific description for a particular location.

Terada’s photographs utilize multiple layers of opaque silk and occasionally incorporate calligraphic brushstrokes using traditional Japanese inks. Her prints literally hold light and space within the picture. Quiet and contemplative, the image changes ever so slightly as you move around it, reacting in space and allowing the zen imagery to fall and flutter as if in air or on water. The visual experience is captivating, speaks to transient states, and gives rise to meditative moments. Though Terada draws inspiration from traditional Japanese culture and calligraphy the final result is a modern and personal approach. Due to Terada’s process, all of her works in this exhibition are one of a kind.

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