The Nude Group Exhibition Statement

Artist Statement
The depiction of the human form is arguably among the earliest subjects of representation and has evolved over thousands of years of art history. Over that time, the human body has been used as a vehicle to examine a wide range of subjects, from concepts of fertility and the divine, to mathematical ratios, to social and cultural ideals. It is a practice that artists continue to engage with and explore to this day; the nude endures as an ideal subject for expressions of beauty, allegory, emotion and humanity.

This exhibition explores the nude in photographic depictions through its many dimensions, including work from thirteen unique photographers. Evan Baden explores contemporary culture and technology in relation to the human body, Neil Craver captures his nudes in otherworldly surroundings and Bear Kirkpatrick's figures seem to inhabit a dark and sacred place, while Imogen Cunningham’s images are iconic expressions of a classical interest in the human form in photography. Joey L photographs Ethiopian tribal members in traditional dress, Patti Levey explores the nude in relationship to landscape while Zoe Zimmerman's photographs seem to illustrate modern-day fables. Karin Rosenthal's photographs depict the human body in near abstraction while Laurie Tumer and Jo Whaley each present the nude as the central figures in interpretive realities. Chris Enos, Peter Ogilvie, Carla van de Puttelaar and Jock Sturges all photograph the nude with an interest in classical depictions, yet do so with such divergent results as to demonstrate the power of the form.

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