Walter Chappell Statement

Artist Statement
Camera vision operates as an intelligent function between the human eyes and the totality of understanding in a moment of active awareness. No camera is needed for this experience, only the keen sensibility of the human mind. To arrest and refine this flow of impressions, creating an independent image in space, I use my camera with the same care and immediacy as I have become accustomed to practice with my eyes. The camera allows me to arrest my vision as a realization in outer space, precisely at that moment when my understanding and conscience intuitively experience a reality most important for my awareness of Life's essential presence. This image of my camera vision, when fully expressed in the perfected print, stands independently as a fusion, or a blending of two otherwise opposing works within a unified whole. By Nature invented with countless impressions, such imagery functions for me as a richly compressed emotional language, liberating ideas and gestures from the vast possibilities hidden beyond the common experiences of Life. The art of creative work in any medium is, for me personally, the struggle to unify my discovery of Nature with the growing discovery of my inner being; to find every opportunity create a new image of understanding for my senses --these senses which can aid as well as hinder my growth of understanding. It is an extra experience in mutual communication when others experience understanding in the material results of my work.

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