Lori Nix Statement
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Artist Statement
I play on the nostalgia of the romantic landscape tradition, suggesting that the natural environment is strife with hidden dangers. At first glimpse, the mundane image appears little more than the quotidian photograph. Upon further examination, something seems amiss. These aren’t real landscapes but painstaking recreations in miniature. I take pleasure in bringing to life the narratives I draw from newspaper headlines, books and absurd real life situations. I try to maintain a sense of dark but humorous irony in the stories I tell by combining a sense of innocence with tragedy. A giant acrylic swell of a wave dwarfs two empty life jackets hidden in the water; a panoramic cityscape comes alive only when you notice a person leaping to her demise from the bridge. My photographs serve as evidence to the viewer, of the consequences of a world gone wrong. Not the objective evidence, per se of a crime photograph but the unfolding of life’s dramas frozen with the cool objectivity of an architect’s model of his own creation. What comes into view is the decisive moments in life where all the dangers and mishaps come together to create poetry.

Process Statement
I build my dioramas out of any material that will simulate a real landscape; for example faux fur becomes field grass, buckwheat flour becomes dirt. I also use traditional model making materials such as plaster, paint, polyester urethane, and scale model buildings. All photographs are shot with an 8x10 or 4x5 camera. No digital manipulation is used for the final image.

I personally print the images myself. All photographs are mounted to 4 ply archival mat board. The photographs are intended to be framed to the edge; therefore a mat is not provided. Please specify if a mat is desired.