1972 Introduced to black and white photography and darkroom in the late William Barksdale's class at Mercer County Community College in New Jersey.
1977 Moved to Santa Monica, CA. Experienced culture and visual shock. First foray into color photography with a series on the color pink.
1981 Stepped back from photography and immersed myself in performance arts.
1987 Moved into an apartment equipped with a basement ideal for a black and white darkroom. Dove back into photography.
1989 On a whim, answered a Call for Photographers from Women in Photography for an international juried show. Was awarded Judge's Choice. The show traveled around the world for the next several years.
1989 Moved to Portland, Oregon.
1990 Met photographer Mark Hooper, who hired me as his first assistant in his new studio. This introduced me to studio photography, which I immediately fell in love with.
1993 Took lighting workshop with Chris Callis at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.
1994 Took lighting workshop with Chip Simons at Santa Fe Photo Workshops.
1996 Embarked on staging narrative scenes in the studio.
2001 Met Bruce Charlesworth at Josefsberg Gallery in Portland, OR. Discussed "staged photography".
2006 Met Gregory Crewdson when he showed and spoke in Portland.
2011 Moved to Seattle, WA.
2012 Group show at Paci Contemporary in Brescia, Italy, along with Jerry Uelsman, Maggie Taylor, Teun Hocks, and others followed by a solo show at Paci Contemporary.
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2010 RACC Professional Development Grant, Portland, OR
2009 OAC Artist Career Opportunity Grant, Portland, OR
2009 PhotoEspaña Finalist, Madrid, Spain
2009 Center's Singular Image: Editor’s Choice Award, Santa Fe, NM
2009 Oregon Arts Commission Career Opportunity Grant, Oregon, USA
2009 Finalist, Descbrimientos PhotoEspaña, Madrid, Spain
2007 RACC Professional Development Grant, Portland, OR
2006 Oregon Arts Commission, Individual Artist Fellowship, Salem, OR
2001 Getty Images Educational Grant
1996 RACC Technical Assistance Grant, Portland, OR
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Solo Exhibitions

2012 Mind's Eye, wall space gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
2012 Night and Day, Paci Contemporary, Brescia, Italy
2011 Moments of Truth, Buckley Center Gallery, University of Portland, Portland, OR
2011 Angles of Incidents, Augen Gallery, Portland, OR
2009 View Master, G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA
2007 Wonder Lust, Augen Gallery, Portland, OR
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Group Exhibitions

2012 I Have a Dream, Paci Contemporary, Brescia, Italy
2012 Child's Play, Panopticon Gallery, Boston, MA
2012 Undressing Room, Froelick Gallery, Portland, OR
2011 Spinning Yarns: Photographic Storytellers, Traveling exhibition, Various US locations
2011 Equine, Froelick Gallery, Portland, OR
2011 Woman as Photographer: Picturing Life as a Woman, Mpls Photo Center, Minneapolis, MN
2010 Blow Up, G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, Wa
2009 Descubrimientos PHE 09, PhotoEspaña, Madrid, Spain
2009 The Curve: Center's Award Recipients, Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, WA
2009 Pacific Northwest Art Annual 2009, Adell McMillan Gallery, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
2007 Nine to Watch, NW Photography Biennial, Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA
2007 Road Show, Froelick Gallery, Portland, OR
2006 15 + 1/2, G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA
2006 Current Photography: New Directions, Archer Gallery, Clark College, Vancouver, WA
2006 Bestiary, Froelick Gallery, Portland, OR
2006 Photography at Oregon, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Eugene, OR
2005 Fourth Photography Biennial, Wellington B. Gray Gallery, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
2005 Pacific Northwest Art Annual 2005, Adell McMillan Gallery, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
2004 Clown Show, Froelick Gallery, Portland, OR
2004 2004 Center Awards, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA
2003 Bethesda International Juried Photography Exhibition, The Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD
2002 2002 Center Awards, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA
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Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR
City of Seattle Portable Works Collection, Seattle, WA
King County Public Art Collection, Seattle, WA
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Portland Community College, Portland, OR
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Microworlds. Marc Valli and Margherita Dessannay. Laurence King Publishing, 2011
One Shot. Text by Visual Codec. Visual Codec, Seattle, WA, 2007
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Favorite Photography Books

Private Enemy, Public Eye, Bruce Charlesworth, (photo-eye Cat# AP197)
The Architect's Brother, Robert ParkeHarrison, (photo-eye Cat# TT111)
Teun Hocks, Teun Hocks, (photo-eye Cat# DP383)
Gregory Crewdson 1985-2005, Gregory Crewdson, (photo-eye Cat# DP260)
Modern Romance, David Levinthal, (photo-eye Cat# PK594)

Favorite Technical Photography Books

Photographing in the Studio, Gary Kolb, (photo-eye Cat# WB006)
Matters of Light & Depth, Ross Lowell, (photo-eye Cat# ZA498)
The View Camera, Jim Stone, (photo-eye Cat# ZC705)
Photographic Possibilities, Robert Hirsch, (photo-eye Cat# FO170)
The Photographer's Guide to Using Light, Ted Schwarz/Brian Stoppee, (photo-eye Cat# WG047)

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