Tom Chambers: To The Edge
Portfolio Introduction
To The Edge

Exploring Iceland I stretched to look underneath, above, and around the edges of the landscape. What mattered was not right before my eyes, but delicately hidden in glaciers, volcanic rock, and ice, all of which have endured over many millennia. My photomontage series “To the Edge” celebrates the biodiversity of the natural world. Poet Allen Chamberlain inspired by my images, wrote this ghazal entitled Iceland, lines of which are incorporated into each image of the series.

Iceland ~ Allen Chamberlain

Clouds of tangled lichen cleave to the edge.
And now look to the frost-heave at the edge.

How does life hold? The branchlet and blood-bowl?
It holds the shape of the rock, sheathes the edge.

The dark-phase gyrfalcon mantles her prey.
Crowberries glow; amber eve at the edge.

In the plain of stone and sand grief takes hold.
There glacial rivers blue-sleeve to the edge.

How to hear pipe and wail from birds circling?
Wing and entrails burnt—cerise at the edge.

Table-land is set with stone lichen nets.
Rust-brown rosettes, goblets sheave at the edge.

Green luster of meltwater enfolds ice;
Skeins of aurora, reprieve from the edge.

Let grey ash imprison the horizon.
Light and pink gentian in-weave at the edge.

Does grief give way? Perhaps not. But enter—
A land of chambered ice—reeved to the edge.

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