Chaco Terada: Between Water & Sky II
Portfolio Introduction
Chaco Terada’s work addresses notions of light, time, and space – but in a completely unique fashion. Printed on two layered silk screens bound and separated by mats, her images literally hold light and space within the picture. Quiet and contemplative, the image changes ever so slightly as you move around it, reacting in space, and allowing cherry blossoms to flutter, water to ripple, and brushstrokes to float as if in air or on water. Terada’s visual experience is captivating, speaking of transient states and giving rise to meditative moments. Meditation is a key role in the creation of her images. The images vacillate from the observation of natural elements to the active practice and expression inherent to the calligraphic brushstroke. Though she draws inspiration from traditional Japanese culture and calligraphy the final result is a modern and personal approach. The creation of the images, populated by her own photographs and expressive ink strokes serve as meditative moments for both the artist and the viewer. Due to Terada’s painterly process many of the works in this exhibition are one of a kind.

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