Light and Metal: Light and Metal I
Portfolio Introduction
Now is a very exciting time for photography. The 13 artists in Light + Metal are reacting to the proliferation of digital photographic technologies by experimenting with traditional, metal-based processes and materials, including silver-gelatin paper, cyanotype, and wet collodion, to create unique photographic objects—often without using a camera.

The artists in Light + Metal employ 19th and 20th-century processes to address three main concerns, the first of which confronts a core tenet of photography: rendering light on a surface. In some works, such as those by Julie Weber and Michael Jackson, light itself becomes the subject. Other artists, including Meghann Riepenhoff, Anne Arden McDonald, and David Ondrik, push the boundaries of photographic materials. All the works included in Light + Metal challenge the notion of a photograph as a convincing representational image.

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