Kindred Spirits: Kindred Spirits
Portfolio Introduction

photo-eye Gallery is thrilled to announce, Kindred Spirits: The Familiar and the Wild, featuring a selection of photographs by Keith Carter, Pentti Sammallahti, and Maggie Taylor, and sculptures by David Deming. As humans, we are part of a vast interconnected system that ineffably bonds us to the rest of Earth’s creatures. We share our space with a plethora of beings, and the roots of our inter-species relationships run deep. Indeed, animals have been at the heart of human existence for thousands of years as protection, inspiration, assistance, spiritual guidance, and companionship. These works invite viewers to examine the nuanced ways in which we relate to and connect with the animals that surround us everyday. Kindred Spirits will open Friday, June 28, 2019, with a reception held from 5-7pm corresponding with the Last Friday Art Walk in the Railyard Arts District.


Keith Carter’s photographs are simultaneously ethereal and corporeal. His high- contrast black and white style seeks to surpass straightforward portraiture and dive headlong into the mythological. Carter’s East Texas roots have greatly influenced his penchant for creating extraordinary photographs from encounters with everyday objects, people, and animals. His poetic and enigmatic style of visual storytelling looks, as he says, “around the edges for those little askew moments” that make up our lives.

David L. Deming’s world of lively canine sculptures captures the artist’s love for dogs and presents a whimsical look at four-legged behavior at its best. His extensive and unique collection of painted steel and lacquered steel dog sculptures, which range in scale from 56-inches to eight-feet in height, are assembled using steel pipe, vintage hand tools, sheet metal and other material that the artist has skillfully welded together, creating life-like depictions of memorable pets in rather human-like scenarios.

Finnish photographer Pentti Sammallahti depicts nature, eroded and broken down by civilization, but does not put man and the environment in opposite camps. He sees an equal relationship, in which the power of brotherhood stemming from the environment frees man of his alienation and cosmic loneliness. His atmospheric black and white photographs highlight the complexities that exist between humans, animals, and the places in which we share space.

Maggie Taylor’s process involves scanning and photographing plants, animals, illustrations, old photographs, and found objects to create enigmatic narrative scenes. Her photomontage works are fantastical, surreal, and open up to a multitude of interpretations. Each of her photographs is a carefully composed combination of many different images, collected from a variety of sources. She creates collaged digital artwork that transports viewers into dreamlike worlds inhabited by everyday objects.

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