Fractured 2020: Fractured II
Portfolio Introduction
photo-eye is celebrating 40 Years in business with our first-ever international juried exhibition. Artists were asked to be broadly creative in interpreting the theme of “fractured” as it might relate to our seemingly broken world, politics, society, identity, or emotional states of being.

Today, our world can seem divided in a multitude of ways. Between debates over the climate emergency, corporations literally breaking our earth with fracking, families split at national borders, and our divided political systems, concepts like societal unity and harmony feel like a distant hope. Even on a personal level, humans have the capacity to feel fissured, split, and incomplete in our thoughts and emotions. Shifts in perspective, breaks from tradition, and experiencing loss can all encompass the idea of the fracture. This concept can have both positive and negative connotations. However, acknowledging that something is broken is the first step in working toward healing. How can art be a platform for expressing, and ultimately bridging these personal and social divides? What role does the photographer play in observing, documenting, and healing the fractured landscapes around and within us all? Applicants were charged with exploring art’s role as a way to bridge personal and social divides in our fractured times.

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