Amanda Marchand: The World is Astonishing With you in it
Portfolio Introduction
The World is Astonishing With you in it: A 21st Century Field Guide to the Birds, Ferns and Wildflowers.

This series of photographs uses ideas inherent in the temporality of the lumen printing process to explore ideas around landscape, time, and our mortal planet.

For the past four years I have been working cameraless, exploring the Lumen process. Lumen prints are really the simplest photographic process around, made by exposing black & white photo papers to sunlight to bring out latent color in the paper. I have been responding to the fugitive colors in this experimental process as markers of time passing. Time has been a particular focus this past year as the Pandemic places our collective futures on pause. As days and hours speed by or slow to a crawl, we are reminded us of time’s elasticity. These abstract images reference pictorial components of the landscape, horizon lines, the movement of the sun, vegetation, as well as cataloging endangered birds, ferns, flowers. These lumen prints also converse with art and photo books on the natural world and the landscape that have been important to me.

I have been making the work in nature, at different residencies and my Canadian cabin, where the birds, ferns and wildflowers abound. Each sunprint is the product of a different photo paper, a reflection of time, place, weather and photo alchemy. Each is a personal meditation, as colors, slowly or quickly, in the variegated light of the sun.

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