Michael Lange: BERG
Portfolio Introduction
BERG /mountain, the latest series, is a continuation of my recent landscape studies FLUSS /river  and WALD /forest.

The series follows the idea of merging the solid and unmeasurable vast compactness of the mountains with the elemental forces by time and presence. A meditative exploration of the magnitude of, and our relationship with, landscape. It is about the raw inaccessible nature, the cliffs and ravines - the play of the wind, clouds, snow, and rain within the solid unmovable massiveness of rock. Every time unique and unrepeatable. Changes come within an instant and are brief. Stillness that is broken by furious storms. Views by opaque curtains of fog.

Since 2013 until today I roamed the French Alpes on countless trips. The inherent power and beauty of rock formed an instant bond and affection which hasn’t stoped growing. The longing to connect with nature and stillness and escape my inner uneven places is a strong stimulus for my work beside the joy of spending days in solitude surrounded by mountains. Being exposed and waiting for days and weeks for the right conditions has formed a deep relationship and love.

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