Hiroyasu Matsui: Labyrinth
Portfolio Introduction
The underlying theme in much of my work is the visualization of abstract concepts, and as such I frequently seek inspiration in mathematics and mythology. In this work I attempt to convey the movement of human consciousness using a maze-like image while using the question of dimension for the fundamental structure. In creating the image, I drew on Gropius' theories on architecture, the cityscape of Shibam in Yemen, and several Italian fortress cities. But I kept the structure linear and simple, and avoided cultural patterns associated with architecture to make the image more abstract.
This photograph is created purely by the contrast of light and dark on a flat surface, and so the light source and shadows manifest themselves in configurations that would be impossible in a three-dimensional world.

Create a model using 3D computer graphics software.
Output masks for each face on OHP sheets.
(Approximately 10 masks per cut)
Place all masks one on top of the other on a light box. Expose while peeling one by one.

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