Bob Cornelis: Geometria
Portfolio Introduction
Art and mathematics share an essential characteristic - both use symbols to pictorially represent abstract concepts. I have always been fascinated by abstraction in my work, so a project exploring this connection made sense and Geometria was born..

In the art world, the practice of abstraction gained momentum in the 19th century when form began to be thought of separately from color and abstract art focused increasingly on structure rather than imitation or interpretation. In the world of mathematics, geometry is perhaps the most visual field of study. And it was also in the 19th century that geometry went through a revolution in which Euclidean geometry, the only recognized form, was joined by non-Euclidian geometries as co-equal ways of depicting the world..

Geometria uses a number of the elements and tools of geometry to represent abstract shapes and patterns that are often found in the art world as well. I created 2 dimensional shapes such as circles and triangles, 3 dimensional platonic solids such as cubes and octahedrons, geometric constructions using a compass and straight edge, coordinate systems with grids, etc to allow me to create multi-layered combinations of these symbols.

My goal with Geometria is to demonstrate the relationship of art to mathematics and to show how beauty is inherent in both. – Bob Cornelis

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