Bob Cornelis: Secret Universe
Portfolio Introduction
Supernovas, black holes, red dwarfs, dark nebulae, stellar streams…

Our vast universe is filled with fantastical objects, some observed, many only the subject of speculation - there are undoubtedly many more of which we have not yet conceived. Supposition about new celestial phenomena has been a favorite pastime of human beings for a long time, from early astrological divination to more modern science fiction. We’ve always wanted to understand our place in the grand scheme of things, an endeavor only recently moving solely from the realm of imagination to that of scientific understanding.

Secret Universe invites you to join me for a moment in my own contemplation of the wonders and curiosities of a universe that might share qualities with our own. It is an imaginary place filled with spheres, vortexes, planes and clouds moving in lockstep with or in opposition to each other or sitting in silent stillness against the black void of the infinite. Here you will find juxtaposed the overwhelming dynamism and the unsettling tranquility of deep space.

Secret Universe is entirely a creation of my mind. Much of my work relies on abstraction - I’m less interested in the realistic depiction of our world than on ways in which our minds make sense of it by extracting and repurposing what we take as real. As I explored the play of these simple shapes and the way they interacted with each other in the small space of my studio, I began to conceive of them as being vastly larger in an incalculably vaster space.

They’ve transformed into a secret universe, born of my imagination, that enables me to consider my place in the scheme of things.

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