Mark Surloff Statement

Artist Statement
It's early in the morning and the sun is out, a fine day to take a long walk. The walk will be about "seeing". I'll look for strangely beautiful, expressive shapes and textures of nature or half completed works of man; maybe it's their relationship to one another along with the shadows created. When such discoveries are made, they will be savored, but only after a photo has been made.

Of course, not all resulting images are successful, but that moment of discovery and the joy it brings, is why I photograph.

Process Statement
4"x5" View Camera...TMax 100 film
6x7cm Medium Format...TMax 100 film
Hi-Res digital

All prints are made with Epson 4000 printer and Ultra-Chrome inks on 100% rag content paper.
Life expectancy 200 years.

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