Alan Kupchick Statement

Artist Statement
I never set out deliberately to create any of these images. I take pictures all the time, wherever I am, and have for years. My photographs are not preconceived or planned. They are discoveries and there is no particular path I take to find them. They are not conscious statements.There is no point I set out to make.

It's only after I look at what I've done that I see what I've been up to. When I look at my work after the fact, I see that I create photographs that make the world look like a well-organized, well-structured place, which of course it isn’t. But it makes me feel better to portray it that way.

My photographs are totally realistic. I do nothing to alter the reality. But they are idealized as well because of what is left out or cropped out. No crowds, no bad air, no mess, no road rage. I hope the joy I felt making these pictures is communicated. And I hope whoever sees these pictures, delights in them.

Process Statement
To me, the camera is only important in its ability to record an image and translate the photographer’s vision to the viewer.

My images are unaltered in content. After capture, I apply only the traditional photographic techniques of color balance, contrast adjustment and cropping.

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