Becky Ramotowski Statement

Artist Statement
Unlike conventional photographs that only capture a short moment of time, my pinhole solargraphs are mini documentaries of the sun's path during the solstices and other notable dates.

Each solargraph is unique due to the changing weather and number of sunny days captured during the long exposures.

Process Statement
Becky’s solargraphs are shot on expired sheets of photo paper with homemade pinhole cameras and left in the wild for days, week or months at a time depending upon how much of the sun’s path she is trying to capture.
Since the cameras are left unguarded to expose for lengthy periods of time, rain, snow, wind-blown debris and other organic matter can and does find its way into the camera and becomes part of the image.
Occasionally the cameras are lost or vandalized by animals.
Minimal post-processing is done to complete the image but it is done according to the subtle nuances captured on each individual solargraph.
Becky’s creative solargraphs are unique collaborations of nature, the Sun and Becky’s creative eye.

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