James Friedman Statement

Artist Statement
My latest series, Interior Design, is a radical departure for my photographic work. While these pictures are concerned with abstraction, contemporaneous and earlier projects could be characterized as personal documentary photography. Interior Design was inspired by my interest in the technology of golf. Premium metal woods and golf balls have been impacted by the use of cutting-edge materials; balls can traverse greater distances than in the past. Drives now travel, on average, thirty yards farther than twenty years ago. Golf ball cores made with high-tech composite materials, created in research labs (enveloped in the kind of secrecy that surrounded the development of the atomic bomb) are, in part, responsible for the improved performance of golf equipment.

Curiosity led me to cut my collection of golf balls in half to see what these “super ball” cores looked like. To my surprise, I found things such as metaphor, unpredictability and stunningly beautiful formal qualities in this unlikely place. What I found inside inspired me to consider that I could discover the same qualities in abstract imagery as makes me passionate about my other photographic work, which employs identifiable subject matter. Interior Design has moved me to be enthusiastic about abstraction. I am excited about this growing body of photographs that appears so dissimilar to my other series, but shares many of the same concerns.

Incidentally, I do not play golf.

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