Anne Arden McDonald Statement

Artist Statement
Anne Arden McDonald - Self Portraits

I build installations in the landscape or in abandoned interiors and then make private performances for my camera in these spaces. The performances explore my relationship to the world around me and are part ritual, part dance and part daydream. I have many fantasies that I can not achieve in life as I have known it--being able to fly is the main one--and am frustrated by the limitations of an earthbound body. This is a dilemma we share--being both flesh and spirit--living in a body with a mind that dreams. My images serve as visual metaphors for struggles we face every day: tensions and balances, keeping hope alive against the obstacles, and living in a vulnerable way without being crushed.

Anne Arden McDonald - Diana Camera Works

This series is about vagueness and images half-remembered from the subconscious. Each of these pieces is part of a series which, when seen together, creates a sensation of falling or floating. They also remind me of a half-sleeping dream state, when we remember only parts of a dream and the parts become symbols. We wake with a head full of half-forgotten images that we try to piece into a linear story line--with this series I am trying to build mood without a specific narrative. I am using a plastic Diana camera, shot on the "b" setting, to get this hazy, off-balance look. Because the camera has a plastic lens, everything is fuzzy and vignetted, and looks like it is coming up from under water or out of a dream.

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