Kate Breakey Statement

Artist Statement
For me, the artistic process is an act of investigation – a passionate attempt to establish an understanding of the natural world – a version that incorporates both intellectual and emotional comprehension which are sometimes incompatible, and distill them into a visual language of images where they can be contemplated.

Making images of these things is a natural extension of being fascinated, touch, or intrigued by them. This process of seeing, and recording transforms me. It is how I express wonder and love, a form of dedication. It is also a record of my life and my desire to connect myself to all other things, the acknowledgement of a search for explanation, for meaning and significances, a primal longing to grasp things which are unknowable.

I begin with a silver photographic image, evidence. Then I paint on this in many transparent layers of oil paint and pencil. If I am lucky the media combing, and become enmeshed, a curious union of what was real with my own painterly exaggerations and embellishments, so I can show how beautiful it all is — the light, the form, the texture and color, because I am a sensualist and this is my deepest pleasure, my lovely addiction.

Process Statement
Each of these pieces of artwork are silver gelatin photographs which have been selenium toned, archivally dry mounted on 4-ply museum rag board than hand-colored with may layers of oil paint and colored pencils. They area 'variable edition' of 10. This means that no two are exacly alike, and because of the nature of the process, each one is unique.

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