Beth Moon Statement

Artist Statement
Thy Kingdom Come

This portfolio focuses on totem-like beliefs and practices connecting man to animal. In a twilight world, united under a banner of ritual, we see evidence of devotion where all things are connected. The idea of achieving animal spirit is at the heart of ancient Eurasian religion, a dormant memory in today’s contemporary culture. The resonance linking man to animal in a less primal world became the guiding theme of this series, emulating memories of a spiritual innocence and wisdom of our ancient cultures.

Process Statement
All photographs are platinum/palladium prints. These metals are hand coated on 100% rag cotton water color paper with natural deckled edges and contact printed. Since platinum, like gold, is so stable and permanent, the platinum print is the most archival of any image on paper.

I do all of my own printing. Taking the picture is just the beginning of a long process with each step being equally important. The techniques I use are dictated by the content of each particular series. There are many steps involved in creating the final print and these are as important to me as the capturing of the image.

I use a medium format camera and prefer Tri-X film.

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